K-Releases: December 2015 Albums!!

Part 2…..

31. Bily Acoustie (빌리어코스티)

보통의 겨울


32. Yolhoon

Mini Album – Yolhoon


33. Kirin X Zen-La-Rock (기린)

Mini Album – The Funk Luv


34. Im Tae Kyung (임태경)

Mini Album – 순수의 시대


35. Dickpunks (딕펑스)

Mini Album – 29


36. Infinite

For You (Japanese)


37. Verbal Jint

Go Hard Part 1 – 양가치


38.FT Island’s Lee Hong Gi

AM302 (Japanese)


39. Mio (미오)

Single Album – 눈물이 차올라


40. Turbo (터보)

다시 (Again)


41. April (에이프릴)

Snowman – Special Album Winter Special


42. Vasco (바스코)

Mixtape – Madmax


43. iKON

Welcome Back (Debut Full Album)


44. Postmen (포스트맨)

Mini Album – 서툰 고백 (Album Confession)


45. Besweet (비스윗)

Mini Album – Fantasy


46. MuzGrain (뮤즈그레인)

Mini Album – Take Care


47. BTS’ Rap Monster (랩몬스터)

RM (Mixtape)


48. SHINee

DxDxD (Japanese)


49. Ha Hyun Gon Factory (하현곤)

2015년 하팩캘린더 3.5


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