Happy Sunday #165

Image For The Week

A souvenir from Japan ‘Chocolat blanc et langue de chat’


Saying For The Week



—> Check list & Variety shows

I’m back to watching The Human Condition (Korean variety show). I’m still on season 2, the episodes with the actors. IMO they had it quite tough, poor them lol! I spent my Saturday morning “very productively”. I happened to find Eng subs of some episodes of 3 Zaap and Tonight Show (Thai talk shows) that I hadn’t seen and I spent the whole morning watching them LOL!!! Very productive, wasn’t I?!

So I started Dok Ruk Rim Tang, but the show that stole my week was Padiwarada. I caught up with the subbers lol!! I really don’t understand how and why Duang can’t just be kicked out?!! I keep thinking about it, but I just don’t understand. Saran’s mum is also annoyingly soft, if I were her, I did tell Duang off! *takes a deep breath* I picked up the last season of Doctor-X also. I have seen the first 2 seasons and Daimon Michiko is just freaking awesome!!! She refuses to give a sh*t to anyone, she’s got no time for that lol!! But then, she does her a job awesomely well, so you can’t really complain lol Additionally, if anyone have such a confidence she has, the person is made for life. Another character with such a confidence (well not as high as Michikos); Pabu from Tai Ngao Jan. Well in her own case, she’s out to prove herself, even though she doesn’t have what it takes lol! But her confidence totally makes up for it. I started the first series of the 2 Musketeers (Thai drama), well I only watched the first 30 minutes of the first episode. This week I’m definitely going to finish Doctor-X3, and keep watching Padiwarada. As for the other shows, maybe.


Song For The Week

I went on a Missy Elliot binge after watching her new release, WTF (Where They From). Here’s Lose Control – Missy Elliot Feat. Ciara, Fat Man Scoop, ENJOY!!!


Eye Candy For The Week

Who do we have this week…..

Song Joong Ki!!! I’m looking forward to the Descendants of the Sun!

Have an awesome week!!!

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