K-Releases: January 2016 Albums!

January albums coming through…..

1. Lovelybut (러블리벗)

Mini Album – Lovelybut


2. Dalshabet (달샤벳)

Mini Album – Naturalness


3. Han Kyung Il (한경일)

사랑합니다 그대 (No YT link available)


4. Learning Project (러닝 프로젝트)

길을 떠나다 (Debut album) – Track? – Singapore Sling


5. Shinhwa’s Shin Hye Sung

Mini Album – Delight (Track 3)


6. Young Lion (영 라이언)

Mini Album – Life Changes


7. Swiimers (스위머스)

Mini Album – Swiimers (Track? – Woodstock)


8. Lily Glass (백합유리잔)

Mini Album – 첫 번째 잔 (No YT link available)


9. Acourve (어쿠루브)

First Step (Track 8 – Never Got Your Own)


10. V.O.S (브이오에스)

Mini Album – Re:Union, The Real


11. Mate’s Jeong Jun Il (정준일)

Mini Album – Underwater (No YT link available)


12. Woo Yeon Soo (우연수)

Mini Album – 어떤 밤 (Track 4)


13. Owen Ovadoz (오왼 오바도즈)

P.O.E.M (Track? – Puzzle Feat. Okasian, Paloalto)


14. Mojo (모조)

Mini Album – No Apologies (No YT link available)


15. Teen Top

Mini Album – Red Point


16. JYJ’s Park Yu Chun

Mini Album – 당신의 지갑에는 얼마의 사랑이 있나요 (How Much Love Do You Have In Your Wallet)


17. iKON

Welcome Back- Japanese version (No YT link available)


18. Super Junior

Devil/Magic – Japanese (No YT link available)


19. Stellar (스텔라)

Mini Album – 찔려 (Sting)


20. Sunny Side’s MJ

Mini Album – 잠들기 전에 (Track?)


21. Hello Gayoung (안녕하신가영)

Mini Album – 좋아하는 마음


22. Jeff Bernat (제프 버넷)

In The Meantime (Queen)


23. Yoon Jong Shin (윤종신)

행보 2015 윤종신 / 작사가 윤종신 Live Part.1 (No YT link available)


24. Jung Jae Wook (정재욱)

Mini Album  – Cross the Line (No YT link available)


25. JQ (제이큐)

Mini Album – 종이달


26. Grosto

Daily Food (Intro)


27. Cross Gene (크로스진)

Mini Album – Game (Title track – Game)


28. GFriend (여자친구)

Mini Album – Snowflakes


29. O.O.O

Mini Album – Home (No YT link available)


30. Jung In (정인)

Mini Album – rare (No YT link available)Signature

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