K-Releases: January 2016 Debuts/Projects/Collabo


1. CocoSori (코코소리)

CocoSori a duo under Mole Entertainment debuts with Dark Circle (다크서클). The duo consists of members; Coco & Sori, hence the name of the group. 


2. Imfact (임팩트)

Imfact a 5 member boy group signed under Star Empire makes its debut with Lollipop. The members consist of Park Je Up, Kim Tae Ho, Lee Ji An, Lee Sang and Na Ung Jae.



1. Geeks’ Louie X Lee Hyun Woo (루이 (긱스), 이현우)

니 얼굴 (Your Face)


2. Miss A’s Suzy X EXO’s Baekhyun (수지, 백현)



3. Mad Soul Child X MC Mong (진실 , MC 몽)



4. Jager & Lucas (예거 & 루카스)

Talk To You


5. MC Sniper X Song Rapper X Vido Sung Woo (MC 스나이퍼, 비도승우(飛刀승우) , 송래퍼)

Feel Like Yesterday (No YT link available)


6. T Yoon Mi Rae X Punch (t 윤미래, 펀치)

잘 지내고 있니 (How are you)


7. CN Blue’s Jung Yong Hwa X  SunWoo Jung A (정용화, 선우정아)

입김 (Hello)


8.  SunWoo Jung A X CN Blue’s Jung Yong Hwa

불꽃놀이 (Fireworks)


9. Yoon Jong Shin X Tablo (윤종신)

2016 월간 윤종신 1월호 (Monthly Project 2016) – The First


10. Vasco X Black Nut X C Jamm X Genius Nochang (바스코 , 블랙넛 , 씨잼, 천재노창)

Indigo Child


11. Kim Dan X Lee Ha Na (김단 , 이하나)



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