IMW – Padiwarada: Review & Rant

Before I commence – Padiwarada aka Beloved Loyal Wife is pretty GOOOOOD!!! Hence I highly recommend it 🙂 I just wanted to mention that before I begin. Okay, I will try to keep my rant as short as possible lol! For infos about the cast and such –> click me 

*rolls up sleeves*

I actually wasn’t going to watch Padiwarada. I had nothing against it, it wasn’t just on my radar. But Ch3 kept uploading snippets from each aired episode. They were mostly snippets of the sweet and angsty moments between the OTP. I thought there will be no harm in watching them, but I was wrong, with each clip I watched my desire to start Padiwarada grew 😀 So with that confirmed, I started the show.

One more thing, this will be more of a rant than a recap (maybe not) #justsoyouknow XDD I have to compliment the team on Viki, they are pretty fast!!! At the moment I’ve seen 11eps, so moi is just waiting for the last 3 eps. I MIGHT give a proper recap/review after the show ends, that’s if I don’t write everything in this post, even though the original plan was to let out some steam lol!!

Get your hands off him!!!

WHY on earth do they ALWAYS let Duang open that part of the human body we call a mouth???!!! After all the BS she’s been pulling since episode 1 I will never allow her to open her mouth longer than a minute. The damage she causes sometimes last for more than one episode!! It’s so freaking frustrating!! Duang’s case aside, Saran’s mum *sighs* I’m still thinking about that woman’s role apart from she playing Saran’s mum, I don’t see how useful she is -_-

Let the teasing begin lol!!

For goodness sake, how can you stand to see your son get hurt over and over again because of a self-centered over-pampered female??!! Of course Saran has the right to love whosoever he wants blah blah blah, but I won’t let Duang walk in and out of my house like it’s her father’s property! It won’t have been a problem if she ONLY walks in and out, but she causes a hell of havoc; breaking, destroying and trampling on both animate and inanimate objects here and there. It’s like she’s unstoppable, even Saran’s mum can’t stop her in HER OWN house. What the eff is that??!!! I would have given strict orders to the house-helpers not to allow Duang into the house no matter the reason and I will also say it to her face letting her know the consequences she might face if I see her shadow anywhere near my house. 

Khun Chalat he’s such a cutie!!!

If you check my tweets about Padiwarada, you would wonder if I have lost my sanity lol!! Well, when I see how Duang is allowed to run lose like a rabid mad dog, Saran’s mum sitting on the fence and Saran calling a pity party because he’s a poor village Sheriff, I just lose it XDD It’s even worse with Duang. I kept thinking of just locking her up somewhere FAR away lol!

I really like the way Bu treats Rin, she treats her like her blood sister. From L-R; Braranee, Rin and Bu

On to the good points of Padiwarada before I lose my sanity lol!! *fangirl mode on* OMG!!!! I love the way Saran stareeeeeeees at Rin. His eyes is forever shooting hearts when he looks at her. Rin’s reactions are also very cute hehehehe!!! She gets all shy and wants nothing but to hide her face from his line of vision lol!! Saran’s friend Chalat has such an ultra cute and boyish smile. I just want to pinch his cheeks hehehe! BTW Saran can be a cutie sometimes, and is at times like that we see Rin’s angry or bossy side XD

Hehehehe!!! This scene was funny, he thought he had won hahaha!!

Actually I like the lesson Padiwarada is trying to pass across. I don’t support arranged marriages, but sometimes nothing can be done about it. Padi depicts the problems that married couples encounter; trusting and understanding each other, intentional and unintentional interferences from several parties ranging from exes to family members, how to handle these interferences, resolving misunderstandings due to some unavoidable or unforeseen circumstances, duty of a husband/wife etc. Apart from the marriage theme, family issues and the society at large were also addressed. The scariest quote I heard was from Saran’s mum; she said the fact that they (Saran & Rin) have signed their marriage didn’t mean everything had ended, but it’s just the beginning. She went further to say that the real work had just started, human beings tend to change; one just realises during the whole time he/she has been going to work, shopping, to the cinema etc his/her partner has totally become a different person.” At that moment I felt someone doused me with cold water, I was like “WHAT?? After all they’ve been through to get here, you say this is just the beginning”. After she said that, I knew I had to be mentally prepared for the episodes to come, if not I might actually lose it for real lol!! One other scary thing I realised was if one gets married to someone terrible no matter how great the person’s love is, one is doomed. Why? The marriage or relationship will not be blissful, no one will be happy – not you or your family members.

Back to my first sentence, Padiwarada aka Beloved Loyal Wife is really good!!! Don’t worry about the psycho beotch, you would outlive her lol!! The story is pretty good. It shows how love can actually created from a hopeless situations through little things – cooking, accompanying the other person, giving a listening ear, gardening (not something I do lol), keeping your environment alive etc There’s no need for an exaggerated show of affection or whatnot to get someone to love you.

The OST –  There are 3 and I have all 3 on replay!! Below is Phleng Rak Chak Chan by ศิลปิน โบ สุนิตา


This is totally unrelated, but I’ll mention it anyway XDD

Rin’s adopted father played by Kob Songsit Rungnopakunsi. I just want to gush about him hehehe!!! But I’m too lazy to create another post. He’s REALLY good-looking for his age!! I’ve seen him in 4 dramas – Dok Ruk Rim Tang, Rising Sun, Mafia Luerdmungkorn and Padiwarada. He’s also kinda cute 😀


10 thoughts on “IMW – Padiwarada: Review & Rant

  1. i read in other blog on the goodness of this drama. however, i kinda hesitate and put pandiwara a little bit in the middle of my will-watch drama. but after reading your review and ranting, i’m totally convinced and upgrade this drama to the top of my list. hahaha… i noticed that we have similar taste in thai drama and i’m excited that i can refer to your review to decide which drama to watch next. heee~ ^^


  2. Hi, I just recently started watching lakorns (have just watched two) and your site is a great help to select new one. Arranged marriages is one of my favorite premise to watch in a drama. I just love how they show the progression of a relationship. Even so, I was still skeptical as to watch it or not. But Thanks to your review, I’m definitely going to watch it!


  3. Im just starting to watch Padiwarada and I agree that it’s good tho I’m still at ep 2. I just wanna ask why Chalat (despite Bu told him in the post office that he mistook Braranee as Braralee) told Saran during the wedding that Rin is not Braralee? Did I miss a part coz the transition from one scene to another was not so clear?


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