IMW – Kiss The Series Ep. 3 [Review]

Kiss The Series reminds me of the reason I stay away from shows targeted at teenagers. I know the characters won’t develop as fast as I expect, but it’s somewhat torturous to see how slow the development is. 

The preview form ep 2 made me misunderstand Thew’s intention towards Sandee, anyway that was cleared. But then we all know Fahsai is up to no good. I know she wants to keep her one-sided relationship going with Thada, but I can see it falling flat pretty soon. Also, why is Thada giving her hope?! Gosh I don’t understand that dude. Another teen cast made an entrance May, Thada’s cousin. From the few minutes of air time she had, she spells nothing but trouble. Both her parents and Thada over-indulge her waay too much!!

On to Sandee and Thada, Thada apparently wants to take responsibility for what happened in ep 1, but he’s going about it the wrong way. He’s also getting irrational because of Thew, which isn’t helping at all. Although Sandee wants to play it cool, but she does want Thada to do something concerning the situation. The ‘what’ exactly she doesn’t know. Two of them come across as teenagers who are lost and confused IMO. It’s pretty obvious Thada has liked Sandee for a while now, but he’s been using their friendship to mask his feelings, but with the issue that happened in ep 1 and the appearance of Thew he wants to do something as fast as possible. BTW I so like June hahahaha!!! Pete seems to be trying to pair both Thada and Sandee together *shrugs shoulder* He doesn’t seem to have any particular reason. I guess he doesn’t want the Dee-Da ship to sink lol!!

I can still stand Sandee a bit, but the character I TOTALLY can’t stand is Sanrak. Even some teenagers won’t behave the way she’s behaving. In all the character development I’m looking forward too, hers is definitely going to be painstakingly slow. I really liked the question Na asked her; he was like, “why are you and First dating?”. He totally made that episode worth watching with that question and that led to several other questions (that part is my favourite scene of ep3). Back to Sanrak, I have no idea why she’s scared of losing First. There is no iota of substance in that guy, he’s just a two-timer who thinks he smart and hot. He’s so not smart, well maybe for someone like Sanrak. I’m looking forward to when she call it quits with him, but I doubt it’s any time soon *side eyes* I saw the preview of ep 8 and yeah……. Na needs to take a chill pill lol!! He allowed his emotions get the better of him, he’s supposed to be the adult here. Nevertheless, I forgive him 😀 

All in all much didn’t happen in ep 3 

  • May got introduced
  • Sandee and Thew – slight progress, all thanks to Thada -_-
  • Sandee and Thada – going downhill
  • Sanrak and First – doesn’t make any sense
  • Sanrak and Na – not much improvement

I watched the preview, and I do NOT like what I saw about Sanrak. I totally can’t believe First had the guts to accuse Sanrak of cheating. I find that so laughable!!! Total bullsh*t IMO!! What I find even more pissing is Sanrak’s reaction to the accusation. She’s totally kidding me with that kind of reaction. Well who knows, I might I’ve misunderstood again *nah, I doubt it*

My favourite characters so far are Noina (Sanrak’s bestfriend), Chacha, and June. They really make the show more fun and interesting. So GMMtv do give them more screen time lol!!


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