Happy Sunday #166

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—> Check list & Variety show

I went to the cinema with some colleagues of mine to watch The Hateful 8. I didn’t know a thing about TH8 when I agreed to go along lol!!! The beginning was slow but it got pretty intense towards in the end, precisely at chapter 5. I rated it 8/10 on imdb.

I marathoned Doctor-x3 *victory sign* and rated it 10/10. A number of fans seem to want a 4th season, but I don’t think it’s necessary. Well…..yeah Michiko doesn’t have her hospital yet, but I don’t think that’s the main point of the show. IMO, season 3 thoroughly highlighted the duties of a doctor and we also got to see Michiko in a different light. Additionally, we could clearly see that no matter how hard one (President Tendo) tries to separate the medical field apart from politics, it’s just mission impossible. The most important thing is that doctors don’t drown in all of that, losing focus of their reasons of becoming doctors. With all that being depicted, I think the 3rd season gives the Doctor-X franchise a nice finishing. As for the other shows I’m watching; Padiwarada – waiting for subs, and Kiss The Series – waiting for GMM to upload the next episode. I can’t decide from the lots of dramas I have on my list……

I’ve caught up with Cool Kiz on the Block *YAAY!!!* All the cast for judo are doing so awesomely well. It’s a pity it’s coming to an end and a new sport will be introduced soon. There’s still one last episode, which the All Start Match part 2. Other variety shows I watched – Running Man, The Human Condition, and Happy Together.

BTW, I have pages – In My Words (Padiwarada and Kiss The Series reviews) and Happy Sunday have been brought up to date. Check them out ^_^


Song For The Week

Leichtes Gepäck by Silbermond, ENJOY!!!


Eye Candy For The Week

This actor used to spot a long hair which I don’t mind, but he’s been spotting a low hair-cut. He got even more darn good looking!!!

Pae Arak Amornsupasiri!!!

Have an awesome week!!

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