[IMW] Padiwarada – Review

I’m finally done with Padiwarada!!! And I’m super happy I watched it 😀

I actually would have rated Padiwarada 10, if Saran’s mum had more guts when it comes to Duangsawat. She allowed that female specie to almost destroy her son’s life a second time.

Padiwarada is pretty straightforward story – A girl (Rin) is sent to marry a crazy officer (Saran). The poor girl agreed to it as a way of repaying her foster parents. Then comes in the officer’s ex Duang on their wedding day, and bam madness and chaos ensues. As if having Duang wasn’t enough, an admirer of Rin also decided to pay the newly wed a visit. On the side, there is a crazy bandit leader Saran is determined to arrest by all means possible.

Rin tries her best to please her new family and even help Saran with work, but with Duang lurking around and causing unnecessary misunderstanding it wasn’t easy for Rin. So, Rin and Saran reached an understanding to live their married life as a duty, “let each of us do our respective duty. I will do my duty as a husband and you do yours as a wife” something like that.

From living their married lives as duties, it metamorphosed to actually understanding and trusting each other, but they never thought love had slowly crept in……

Things further got complicated, when Rin happened to be the long lost daughter of a billionaire. Well…….truthfully it wasn’t actually complicated. A past event and current status made it look complicated. I get Saran’s perspective but seriously, they had nothing but good intentions for him. This finding dealt a blow to the couple’s sweet life. Yes they were finally beginning to enjoy their marriage, even signed the marriage certificate. It took them a long time to get that certificate signed. At this point, a lot of things happened and that kept driving a wedge between them. Watch the show to see what happened 😀

Padiwarada doesn’t dwell on Rin and Saran alone. There’s also Rin’s adopted family – Bu, Braranee and her parents, and her real family.

This drama really beautifully depicts what it takes to build a marriage, family and most importantly a home. To tell you the truth it ain’t no easy feat. It’s only meant for the stong-hearted lol!! So many things come to play; your own family, your partner’s family, occupation, freaking die-hard third parties, circumstances that just ridiculously pop out from nowhere. However, if one has loving parents, family and friends, no matter the circumstances one gets his/herself into especially after getting married, one knows that they will always get your back and support you. That’s what really helped both Rin & Braranee when their marriages hit bottom rock. Unfortunately the same can’t be said for Duang, it’s a whole huge truck load of mess.

I really also like the words of wisdom/teachings Tan Chan, Khun Ying and Saran’s mum kept sowing into their kids. If some kids had such parents, their life in general is bound to be prosperous and if it doesn’t due to whatever they will be shielded and put back on track. I only wish Saran’s mum had more back bone against Duang’s attack!!

There were society issues, of course the society only leans towards the rich, powerful, good-looking people. If you have all 3 they will worship you till you die, but once you lose money and your status. Oh boy, you are good as dead and everyone distances themselves from you. Well that ain’t breaking news, but Padiwarada shows how deep such a situation can cut and it’s consequences over the years.

The acting of both the main and supporting cast were pretty good. Chalat was such a cutie pie!!! He has dimples *giggles* IMO they all did a good job. The character I felt so sorry for was Khun Chai Naris, he really had it bad. He tried ALL he could, but it fell on deaf ears and ingrates. I love the OST also, I can’t seem to pick a favourite one XDD

I totally recommend this drama to any and everyone. It’s light, funny, ultra duper sweet moments, some maybe-not-so-good-but-okay action scenes, and take home lessons, but then you will have to deal with some idiotic characters lol!!

Gallery time!!! Let’s see if I can find more pictures, be it BTS, on set or screen shots 😀 (of course NONE of the pictures belong to me lol!! Google and Asianfuse Forum did the trick) Before that, you HAVE to see this video, it a MUST-WATCH XDD I got sold after watching it lol!! –>watch!!



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