Happy Sunday #169

Image For The Week


Saying For The Week

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—-> Variety show & Check list

I’m done with Love Me If You Dare by Ding Mo (3/5) *victory sign* I’m yet to decide the next Chinese novel to read. There are number of discrepancies between the drama version and book. I’m contemplating on making a post on it…..

I haven’t watched Running Man in 2 weeks, there is no particular reason. I should see to it this week!! *determined* I can’t believe the set for Happy Together has changed again lol!! It’s now a house setting; reason being that the guests will feel more comfortable i.e feel more at home. I guess they are yet to find a suitable theme since they made changes last year. I think Kim Poong has been replaced…..who knows though, he might be brought back again. Gag Concert is as funny as always except for some few skits. I also started season 3 of The Human Condition – Urban Farmers. 1 Night 2 Days is such a horror lol!!! Poor them hehehehehe

I’m back to watching Mafia Luerd Mungkorn series!!! I finished Singh (8/10), the 2nd series last week. The plan is to continue with Krating this week, if it works out as planned that would be perfect. Singh is completely different from Suer – in terms of romance, storyline, plot and such. So a little advice, watch each series with a clear and fresh mind. Comparing one series to another isn’t a good idea, just enjoy as you watch^^ Secret Love – My Lil Boy is still as interesting as the first episode, and as usual I wanted to split open Sanrak’s head in Kiss The Series. I only watched an episode of Descendants of the Sun last week. I know there are complaints about its lack of plot or development, but I think it does have one. The thing is it’s not dramatic as most people expected. There are still 8 eps to go, let’s see how it plays out. I’m definite it won’t top Cheese in the Trap lol!! I also started Koo Woon Loon Paen Ruk aka Chaotic Love, episode 1 is hella hilarious!! I know from experience that after a couple of episodes, the real deal will begin and you just want to get to the end lol!!

I have a one week break, thanks to Easter!!! Let’s see how productive the week will be 😀


Song For The Week

Casting Crowns!!! I haven’t listened to them in ages, here’s Thrive, ENJOY!!


Eye Candy For The Week

This week’s guest starred in The Human Condition season 2…….

Kim Hyun Woo!! Korean actor and entertainer

Have an awesome week & Easter holiday!!! 

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