[IMW] Fai Luang – Review

It’s been 2-3 weeks since I watched Fai Luang aka Pretend Love. The initial plan was to write a review as soon as I was done, but here I am almost 3 weeks later lol!!

Info on Fai Luang –> on AsianFuse 

I had the sudden urge to watch an old Lakorn, hence I gave Fai Luang a shot. It is was released in 1998. It stars Willy McIntosh & Tao Sarocha as OTP/Pranangs.

FL is revenge-slap/kiss themed. Naparoot wants to avenge his father’s death by making two sisters lose all the properties given to them by his deceased father. Pretend Love also include people falling in love —> getting used/betrayed/cheated —> the circle continues. The father cheated on his wife with one of the two sisters, who then cheated on him with someone she supposedly love, who then also cheated on her with some random chic. He didn’t only cheat on her, but also swindle her. The random chic who he was doing all these for also…….. him. You should be able to  fill up the blank spaces without problems lol!!

Fai Luang very wonderfully depicts karma and the consequence of revenge – “What goes around, comes around” & “You reap what you sow”- there’s no avoiding those quotes in this drama. For the revenge plot, the principle is simple; “dig two graves if you’re plotting revenge, one for the other person and the other for yourself”. Although this show has element of slap/kiss, the romance part is lacking. Nevertheless I highly recommend this, because it has one of the best revenge plots. 

Naparoot was really nasty and thorough to say the least. He turned deaf hears to everyone’s advise including his mum. He’s so dogged-headed and annoyingly self-righteous. In short he thinks himself as Mr-right-know-it-all. Tien played by Sarocha was an intelligent naive angel. Seriously??!! She took the responsibility of righting her sister’s wrong -_- However, she doesn’t lose to Naparoot in words but her actions can be quite stupid lol!! I actually liked Naparoot’s friend Kithie, but as we already know – the nice guy rarely gets the girl 😦

Fai Luang is pretty short also, just 9 eps long. I love the pace, it wasn’t draggy, no unnecessary side story or characters. I watched it on Viki –> watch me

Back to the romance part, this is one Lakorn where the lead female character doesn’t say she likes the male lead. If she didn’t say she like him, you can be sure she didn’t attach the word ‘love’ to him lol!! Unlike the lead female character, Mr-know-it-all totally fell for her. So it’s actually not clear if she actually liked him and then forgave him, or just forgave and accepted him. For goodness sake, she had 2 choices excluding Naparoot and they were ready to accept her whether she was in one piece or not, they even confessed their feelings to her. But nope she went for Naparoot. How nice! *British accent*

IMO I would like to see Willy & Sarocha paired up together again, they made such a fine couple in Fai Luang. I’m actually eyeing two old dramas of Willy – Tam Hua Jai Pai Sood Lah (with Mew Lalita Punyopas) and Manee Yard Fah (with Anne Thongprasom). I saw some familiar faces – such as Noom Santisuk Promsiri and Jarunee Suksawat (I totally love this lady!!! I have been looking for her name, sadly her page on AF hasn’t been updated with her recent dramas).

In conclusion, Fai Luang is a 9 episode long with one of the best karma-revenge plots, although it lacks a bit in the romance department. The female lead is quite a match for the male lead. She’s naive but she makes use of a brain than some of female lead characters out there. Well if you excuse some few illogical situations, the show is good to watch.Signature

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