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—-> Check list & Variety Show

Descendants of the Sun ended last week 😦 I enjoyed every bit of it. I’ve been racking my brain to find the reason behind it’s popularity, because honestly speaking it’s not all that lol!!! I think this is one of those things you can’t clearly describe. I started watching DotS because of Song Joong Ki, also KBS wouldn’t stop promoting SJK lol!! They even made several specials for him right before DotS started airing. I’m guessing all of that contributed to both his and DotS’s gigantic popularity. I hesitated a bit because I couldn’t get a more descriptive synopsis. I’m still pondering on writing a review or not….. BTW I rated it 9 out of 10.

Secret Love #1 – My Lil Boy also ended last week, I rated that 7.5. I really wish it was Kiss The Series which ended lol!! So Puppy Honey Secret Love #2 would be uploaded with Eng subs on GMMTv’s YT account starting from this week.

Another drama I watched last week, to be more exact yesterday evening, was xxxHoLic. I always thought it was 12 eps long, with each episode being 45 mins. I looked it up again and realised each ep was 26 mins long, and it has only 8eps *dummkopf* I totally went for it and watched the whole thing. I got a different feeling from the anime. The anime’s main focus was more on the supernatural, superstitious beliefs, life lessons etc, while the live-action although the life lessons part came to play, it later centred on the characters. I rated it 7.5/10.

Happy Together has been on the receiving side of my attention these days. I watched ep 443 last week, ‘Descendants of the Sun Men’. When I first saw the title, I was just left speechless lol!! Apparently we won’t be seeing the last of that show just yet hehehhe!! The only real cast of DotS in that episode was Cho Tae Kwan, who played Daniel. Other guests included – Lee Se Jin (Gag Concert), Dong Sang Woo (actor), Zhang Yuan, and Hwang Chi Yeul. It was really nice to see Zhang Yuan, I haven’t watched any ep of Abnormal Summit in months. Thanks to Chi Yeul I might need to watch the 4th season of China’s I Am A Singer. The ep was opened with each of them saying what they were better at in comparison to SJK. I didn’t see that question coming at all. They were pretty careful in their comparisons, poor them lol!! Next CTK was bombarded with questions about SJK and Song Hye Kyo, Yoo Jae Suk had to remind them to talk about CTK hehehehe. The episode was pretty funny and interesting.

Yesterday the internet connection was surprisingly good and I ended up watching 2 eps of Homeland, 2 eps of The Legend of Zhen Huan, and all the eps of xxxHoLic XDD The initial plan was to do some studying lol!! That plan varnished into thin air hehehe

I edited the Linkies page —> new look


Song For The Week

So I checked out Taemin’s album ‘Press It’ and I actually liked it 🙂 Below is Press Your Number, ENJOY!!!


Eye Candy of The Week

Look who we have here, he reminded me of Cho Jung Seok (Oh My Ghostess).

Nigashide Masahiro!!! He was played the role of Domeki in the live-action of xxxHoLic. He and Cho Jung Seok totally like alike.

Bonus 😀

Have an awesome week!!

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