K-Releases: March 2016 Debuts/Projects/Collabo


1. KNK (크나큰)

KNK a new addition signed under YNB Entertainment debuts with ‘Knock’ as their 1st Single Album. Members include – Kim Yu Jin, Park Seung Jun, Jeong In Seong (Former FNC trainee), Kim Ji Hun (Leader), and Oh Hee Jun (maknae)


2. Matilda (마틸다)

Matilda, a four member girl group debuts with ‘Macarena’ under Box Media. Members include Haena (former member of Kiss & Cry), Dan-A, Semmi, and Sae Byul (Maknae) – Watch me



1. Eric Nam X Red Velvet’s Wendy (에릭남, 웬디)

봄인가 봐 (Spring Love)


2. Heyne X Shannon Williams



3. Beast’s Yang Yo Yoseob X Richard Parkers (양요섭 (비스트), 리차드파커스)

이야기 (Story)


4. GFriend’s Yuju X UP10TION’s Sunyoul [유주 (여자친구), 선율 (업텐션)]

보일 듯 말 듯 (Cherish)


5. Im Se Jun X Ben (임세준 & 벤)

오늘은 가지마 (Don’t Go Today)


6. Standing Egg (스탠딩 에그)

무지개 – The Artist Diary Project Part.12


7. SHINee’s Jonghyun X Heritage

한마디 (Your Voice) — Prologue


8. Yoon Jong Shin (윤종신)

Old School – 2016 월간 윤종신 3월호 (2016 Monthly Project March)


9. Jung Jae Moon X Kim Il Ji (문정재 , 김일지)

Regrets and Resolutions


10. Lucky J’s Jessi X Kim Young Im X Crispy Crunch (제시, 김영임, 크리스피 크런치)

쾌지나 칭칭나네


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