K-Releases: March 2016 Singles!

Surprisingly, I could barely come up with 2 post for the singles released in March……Oh maybe I missed something. I wonder what the month of April is like……

1. Voisper (보이스퍼)

그대 목소리로 말해줘 (In Your Voice)


2. AOA’s Jimin

야 하고 싶어 (Call You Bae) Feat. EXO’s Xiumin


3. SoljiHani (EXID) (솔지하니)

Only One


4. Lee Seung Gi (이승기)

그런 사람 (Meet Someone Like Me)


5. V.O.S (브이오에스)

같이살자 (Stay Together) — Inkigayo Comeback stage


6. Rose Motel (장미여관)



7. Jang Hee Young (장희영)

운다 (Cry) — Music Core


8. Annyeongbada (안녕 바다)

왈칵 (Tears)


9. 2Lson (투엘슨)



10. YDM (양동민)



11. Susugar

내 사랑입니다 (My Love)


12. Accoustic Vei (어쿠스틱 베이)

너에게만 말해줄게


13. Seo In Guk (서인국)

너 라는 계절 (Seasons of the Heart)


14. Ra.D (라디)

싶은데 & Good Girl (I Want You & Good Girl)


15. Geeks’ Louie (루이)



16. SNSD’s Yoona

덕수궁 돌담길의 봄 (Deoksugung Stonewell Walkway) Feat. 10cm


17. Miss $ (미스에스)

영혼없이 말하지마 (Don’t Speak Without Soul)


18. Penomeco (페노메코)

Ma Fam


19. Lucky J’s Jessi

살찐 사랑 (Fat Love)


20. The Black Skirts (검정치마)

내 고향 서울엔 (In My City of Seoul)


21. Phantom’s Hanhae

내가 이래 (I Used to)


22. BTS (防弾少年団)

Run – Japanese version — Watch me


23. Taru (타루)

나무 (Woods)


24. Giriboy (기리보이)

예쁘잖아 (It’s Pretty)


25. Busker Busker’s Jang Beom Jun

그녀가 곁에 없다면 (결혼 행진곡을 활용한 신곡) – Jang Beom Jun Vol.2 – No YT link available


26. Paloalto (팔로알토)

Fancy Feat. Sway D, Dean


27. JY (JiYoung)

Radio (Japanese) — Watch me


28. JY (JiYoung)

Saigo no Sayonara (Japanese) — Watch me


29. Jay Park

사실은 (The Truth is) — Watch me


30. Seventeen’s Vernon

병- 웹툰 연애혁명 삽입곡 (Sickness) Feat. Pledis Girlz


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