Happy Sunday #176

Image For The Week

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Saying For The Week



—> Variety Shows

More variety show watching – Cool Kiz on the Block, 2 Days 1 Night, The Human Condition S3, Hello Counselor, Roommate S2, Let’s Go Dream Team, and Gag Concert. The Human Condition 3 isn’t given off the same feeling as the previous seasons. I miss the S1 and S2, S3 seems to be missing something. I was wondering why S3 ended so quickly, now that I’m watching, I think I now the reason lol!! 

The CKotB volleyball team are on a roll! I think they’ve won all their official matches up till date. The 4th match (ep 154) against the Celebrity team was pretty intense. I had little expectation from the CVT, but apparently the team had some really good players. There are 2 facts from CKotB’s team; if the setter is Ryohei and hitter is Hak Jin, that’s totally game over! If the server is Ryohei that’s also game over! Those scenarios are totally a fact lol!! Aside from Ryohei and Hak Jin other players have greatly improved and are doing pretty well. I was hoping to see Min Hyuk block or do some passes for the Celebrity volleyball team, but there was nothing much to see lol!! Well, he’s a beginner so….. If he keeps up with the training, he will be a scary contender in 2 months.

I’m still far behind in 2D1N, in the year 2015 lol!! Cha Tae Hyun didn’t start the year well, he’s either ends up sleeping outside or receiving the short end of the stick, poor him! But in the ep (One Day National Treasure) I’m watching atm, I hope his team goes home early lol!!

I thought the second season of Roommate ended after 20 eps, but it’s actually has 26eps. Here I was thinking I was done, until I realised ep 20 ended weirdly and I knew I had miscalculated….. 

I’m wishing myself A LOT of good luck this week!!! Moi’s got 3 exams and I still need to find an internship place. 


Song For The Week 

To My Mother by g.o.d, ENJOY!!!


Eye Candy For The Week

Ep 152 of Cool Kiz on the Block *fans self* It suddenly got hot in here…. It is not an every day occurrence that model-like athletes grace the screen lol!! 

Kim Yo Han!!! Korean Professional Volleyball player!  His handsome looks aside, he’s badass on court!!! I saw some pictures of him, and I think he has 3 tattoos – shoulder, back and chest. There might be more though hehehe!!

Have an awesome week and Happy Mother’s Day!!! 😀

P.S – “Great things are done by a series small things brought together” – Vincent Van GoghSignature

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