[IMW] 52nd Baeksang Arts Award…. The Winners

A friend shared the link of nominees for this year’s Baeksang Award. I decided to to post my take on the nominees and the potential winners. I will skip the nominees for the movie category, I haven’t seen any of the movies on the list. Below are the list of the nominees. Although the award is slated for June, there are still nominees missing for some categories, such as the Grand Prizes, Best Male/Female Performer, Most Popular Actor/Actress etc. Well it’s either the nominees aren’t out yet or its wiki page hasn’t been updated yet. So I will just work with these nominees.


Best Drama
She Was Pretty (MBC)
Six Flying Dragons (SBS)
Reply 1988 (tvN)
Signal (tvN)
Descendants of the Sun (KBS2)

Best Educational Program
Kim Je Dong’s Talk To You (JTBC)
School of the Wind (SBS)
Next Human (KBS)
Exam (EBS)
Reading Secrets (O tvN)

Best Variety 
Take Care of the Fridge (JTBC)
Same Bed Different Dreams (SBS)
My Little Television (MBC)
Actor School (tvN)
Mask Singer (MBC)

Best Director 
Kim Won Suk (Signal)
Lee Eung Bok and Baek Sang Hoon (Descendants of the Sun)
Shin Kyung Soo (Six Flying Dragons)
Jung Dae Yoon (She Was Pretty)
Shin Won Ho (Reply 1988)

Best Actor 
Namgoong Min (Remember)
Song Joong Ki (Descendants of the Sun)
Yoo Ah In (Six Flying Dragons)
Jo Jin Woong (Signal)
Joo Won (Yong Pal)

Best Actress
Kim Hyun Joo (I Have a Lover)
Kim Hye Soo (Signal)
Ra Mi Ran (Reply 1988)
Song Hye Kyo (Descendants of the Sun)
Hwang Jung Eum (She Was Pretty)

Best New Actor
Ryu Junyeol (Reply 1988)
Yook Sung Jae (Who Are You – School 2015)
Byun Yohan (Six Flying Dragons)
Lee Dong Hwi (Reply 1988)
Ahn Jae Hong (Reply 1988)

Best New Actress 
Kim Go Eun (Cheese in the Trap)
Lee Sung Kyung (Flower of the Queen)
Ryu Hye Young (Reply 1988)
Hyeri (Reply 1988)
Park So Dam (Because it’s the First Time)

Best Screenplay
Kim Eun Sook and Kim Won Suk (Descendants of the Sun)
Lee Woo Jung (Reply 1988)
Kim Young Hyun and Park Sang Yeon (Six Flying Dragons)
Yang Hee Seung (Oh My Ghostess)
Kim Eun Hee (Signal)

Variety Award (Male)
Kim Gura
Yoon Jung Soo
Kim Sung Joo
Jung Junha
Kim Yong Chul

Variety Award (Female)
Kim Sook
Jung Do Yeon
Park Na Rae
Hong Yoon Hwa
Oh Na Mi


Best Movie
4th Place
Inside Men
Dongju: The Portrait of a Poet

Best Director
Ryu Seung Wan (Veteran)
Lee Joon Ik (Dongju)
Oh Seung Wook (The Shameless)
Choi Dong Hoon(Assassination)
Woo Min Ho (Inside Men)

Best New Director
Kim Sung Je (The Unfair)
Ahn Guk Jin (Alice in Earnestland)
Choi Seung Yeon (Su Saek)
Han Joon Hee (Coin Locker Girl)
Hong Won Chan (Office)

Best Actor 
Bae Yoon Shik (Inside Men)
Yoo Ah In (The Throne)
Song Kang Ho (The Throne)
Hwang Jung Min (Veteran)

Best Actress
Kim Hye Soo (Coin Locker Girl)
Lee Jung Hyun (Alice in Earnestland)
Jung Do Yeon (The Shameless)
Han Hyo Joo (Beauty Inside)

Best Supporting Actor

Bae Sung Woo (Office)
Lee Kyung Yong (The Unfair)
Eom Tae Gu (Coin Locker Girl)
Jo Jin Woong (Assassination)
Oh Dal Soo (Veteran)

Best Supporting Actress
Ra Mi Ran (Himalaya)
Jang Young Nam (The Classified File)
Ryu Hyun Kyung (Office)
Jeon Hye Jin (The Throne)
Eom Ji Won (The Silenced)

Best New Actor 
Go Kyung Pyo (Coin Locker Girl)
Park Jung Min (Dongju)
Park Bogum (Coin Locker Girl)
Tae In Ho (Shadow Island)
Park Seo Joon (Chronicles of Evil)

Best New Actress
Kwon So Hyun (Madonna)
Park So Dam (The Priests)
Kim Se Byuk (A Midsummer’s Fantasia)
Jung Ha Dam (Steel Flower)
Kim Shi Eun (Su Saek)

Best Screenplay 

Han Seung Woon and Kwak Kyung Taek (The Classified File)
Ahn Guk Jin (Alice in Earnestland)
Ryu Seung Wan (Veteran)
Choi Dong Hoon (Assassination)
Shin Yeon Shik (Dongju)

In addition to skipping the movie category, I will also skip some other sub-categories under TV. Reason being, I have no idea what they are about lol! In short my main focus is on the drama category. After taking a closer look at the nominees and previous winners, I wonder how the nominees and winners are chosen each year. Is it by popularity, viewers or do they get voted for like the MAMA?

That aside, back to the topic…..

Disclaimer – This is post is totally from my own perspective and who or what I would vote for if given the opportunity….Hence me just having fun 😀

On to the drama-related categories, the nominees for ‘Best Drama’ include She Was Pretty (MBC), Six Flying Dragons (SBS), Reply 1988 (tvN), Signal (tvN), and Descendants of the Sun (KBS2). I haven’t watched SFD and SWP, but I have read pretty good reviews and comments about SFD. As for SWP, to be sincere I really don’t know how it got on the list. I’m no anti, I like the main cast and the sisterhood between the female characters, but I think there is probably another drama that could easily replace it on this list. The amazing thing is all the dramas are of totally different concepts, writings and genres. Right now, I’m tied between DotS and Signal. If I go in terms of how angsty the script is, I did probably go for Signal. But DotS was so funny, hilarious and refreshing to watch. DotS and Signal are polar opposites IMO.

For ‘Best Director’ it’s the same list as ‘Best Drama’. *in dilemma* hmmm….. I really can’t decide lol!! I have 3 nominees in mind – R1988, DotS, and Signal. I’m sure SFD would have been directed well also, but since I haven’t seen it, I’m not considering it lol!!

I see Yong Pal in the category of ‘Best Actor’, isn’t Yong Pal a 2015 drama? *scratches head* For this category my vote goes to Song Joong Ki. If I could cast a second vote it would go to Jo Jin Woong of Signal. It did be nice if SJK could win though.

My vote for the ‘Best Actress’ category goes to Kim Hye Soo (Signal), she was so awesome!!

For ‘Best New Actor’, Imma leave that at the back seat for now……

For ‘Best New Actress’, all my votes go to Kim Go Eun (Cheese in the Trap). Despite the butchering of the show, KGE’s acting was really good. I tend to stay away from new actors/actresses unless I hear good comments, but I gave this a shot nevertheless and she has such great potentials. Up till this very moment, I really can’t figure out how the production crew let such a good show go to waste. BTW no bashing intended, I’m just stating my opinion.

I will get back to ‘Best Screenplay’ later lol!! I was so sure, I would be able to make a quick decision when I glanced at the nominees lol!!

To the other sub-categories under TV, if I have to vote for ‘Variety Award (Female)’. It will either be Kim Sook or Oh Na Mi. Most of the variety entertainment shows I watch are from KBS. I got to know both of them through KBS. I haven’t watched any of the shows nominated in both ‘Best Variety’ and ‘Best Educational Program’, hence kein comment.

Decisions made *drum rollssssss*

Best Drama – Descendants of the Sun vs. Signal (I can’t honestly decide lol!! They are both good in their own right)

Best Director – Descendants of the Sun (Signal already took the award for Screenplay lol)

Best Actor – Song Joong Ki (Descendants of the Sun)

Best Actress – Kim Hye Soo (Signal)

Best New Actor – Byun Yohan (Six Flying Dragon) [Comment – not because of SFD, but I’ve seen him in 2 dramas already – Misaeng, and Ex-girlfriend Club. His acting was pretty good)

Best New Actress – Kim Go Eun (Cheese in the Trap)

Best Screenplay – Signal (Descendants of the Sun bagged the award for Best Director XDD)

I can’t wait to see what drama or which actor/actress actually takes home the awards. BTW I will tune back in after the award show to see if any of my predictions came true XDD I will try to post pictures of red carpet photos also.


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