Happy Sunday #178

Image For The Week

The library in Abbey Melk, Austria. I have been in there, and it’s totally breathtaking from the books to the architecture. It’s worth seeing!!

Saying For The Week

Totally true!!


—-> Variety shows

I’m an episode away from completing the third season of The Human Condition. This season was below expectation IMO. Yeah for those interested in farming, gardening and such, it might be of interest, but they also might start feeling bored. The concept is good, no doubt. I also think the cast were funny, but at some point it felt they were trying too hard. Anyway, that’s just my opinion.

I finally did some catching up to Running Man, I was cracking up so badly while watching eps 297, 298 and 299. It was actually good to see David McInnis on ep 297, he played Argus in “Descendants of the Sun”. I feel ep 298 was pretty short, the first 20 minutes or so was dedicated to the viking ride and closing of ep 297, which left ep 298 with around 50 minutes.

I couldn’t watch 2 Days 1 Night 😦 I really want to catch up before the end of the year…..BTW it felt somewhat weird watching Running Man again, after placing it on hold for weeks and mainly marathoning 2D1N lol!!! 

So I was able to squeeze in episodes of Kiss the series and Puppy Honey (Secret Love series #2). And of course Sanrak didn’t fail to disappoint me with her world class dumbness lol!!! I can’t believe she even thought of helping First. That wasn’t even the problem, but the real issue was, she didn’t even bother to ask about the outfit she would be wearing for the photoshoot, the product or even the client that supposedly wanted her to be the model *sighs* As for Puppy Honey, I’m watching it to pass time. I get the point of the drama, but apparently it’s not my cup of tea. The last eps for both Kiss the series and Puppy Honey will be uploaded on GmmTv’s YT account. The real deal is next week *excited* The third series in Secret Love series – Bake Me Love, and I’m hoping UPrince series #1 – Handsome Cowboy ep 1 will also be uploaded 😀

Song For The Week

I was going to post this last week, Dong Saya Dae by BgA (Boys generally Asian). This is just so hilarious and awesome, ENJOY!!

Eye Candy For The Week

One of my favourite actresses. I don’t know what she’s actually up to these days…..I think her last project was The Time I Loved You, the Korean remake of In Time With You. 

Ha Ji Won!!!!

Have an awesome week!!! Between I totally ❤ the featured image for this week, it is my current desktop wallpaper ^_^

P.S –

This can be quite conflicting, but this strategy works 90% of the time.


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