Happy Sunday #184

Image For The Week

Mountains of the Sea by Ray Collins

Saying For The Week


—> Check list

Let the summer holiday’s madness begin!! XDD

Finally! Finally!! I finished watching all parts of 4 Huajai Haeng Koon Kao (4 หัวใจแห่งขุนเขา)! It took me 3 years to finish lol! Don’t even bother asking for the reason hehehe! Each part was pretty interesting, but as usual the plot got draggy. Duang Jai Akkanee was pretty draggy, while Pathapee Lee Rak felt somewhat rushed. I didn’t really get the when, why and how Din fell for Cha-Aim. I cracked up so badly when the TAT team visited each of resorts to test the owners and workers. I enjoyed watching Wayupak Montra, the wine and ghost-haunting combo was pretty interesting. As for Thara Himalai, I can’t remember much on it lol!! My ratings – Thara Himalaya (7/10), Duang Jai Akkanee (8/10), Pathapee Leh Ruk (7/10), and Wayupak Montra (8/10). One funny thing is, I have seen most of the actors both main and supporting actors in newer Lakorns and it’s pretty interesting to see how they’ve changed physically and acting-wise.

It felt so good watching Mon Jun Tra 2013 (8/10). Chakrit totally nailed his role as Zama. All those FEELZ he portrayed of being torn between doing all he can for a girl he loves, who also happens to detest casinos and gambling and achieving his dream of owning a casino. As if he doesn’t have enough on his plates, he has people itching to kill him for reasons ranging from wanting his casino to love interests. I think I will have to watch Fah Krajang Dao to know if he real person pulling the strings behind the scene was finally caught. Margie’s character was pretty strong, independent and fearless, but boy, she was sometimes thoughtless, rash and frustrating. So, I guess I will be watching Maya Tawan adnd Fah Krajang Dao soon. 

The 3rd and last instalment of Secret Love series will end this week. I guess Lovey Dovey series will take its spot in 2 weeks, that’s if there are no Specials and such on the series. Looking forward to episode 3 of Uprince Series #1 – Handsome Cowboy. DJ Push’s character is such a jerk in this series.

Plans for the break? – Dramas, animes, variety shows, books, languages, blogging, subbing projects (I’ve been MIA), probably travel and whatever

Song For The Week

I was on RS Friends last week, it brought back memories of when I first got into Thai pop artists – Black Vanilla and C-Quint. Pretty Killer by C-Quint, ENJOY!!!

Eye Candy For The Week

An actor from one of the dramas I finished last week *drum roll*

Chakrit Yamnam!!!! He’s a SHAMAZING actor!! I hear he has an upcoming Ch3 drama with Pream Ranida. Although he’s quite old to be paired up with her, but they are both good actors. 🙂 *excited*

Chakrit Back-tats

Have an awesome week & Happy new month!!!

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