K-Releases: May 2016 Albums!

Oh boy I’m freaking super late this time around. BTW, I’m going with the list format.

1. BTS

The Most Beautiful Moment in Life Young Forever (Special Album)


2. Akdong Musician/AKMU (악동뮤지션)

Mini Album – 사춘기 상 (思春記 上)


3. I.O.I (아아오아이)

Mini Album – Chrysalis


4. TK



5. Crush

Mini Album – Interlude


6. Infinte’s Nam Woo Hyun

Mini Album – Write..


7. Girls’ Generation’s Tiffany

Mini Album – I Just Wanna Dance


8. I.C.E (아이스)

Mini Album – 1st Mini Album


9. VAV

Mini Album – Brotherhood


10. Kwak Jin Eon (곽진언)

나랑 갈래 (Go With Me)


11. AOA

Mini Album – Good Luck


12. Jessica (제시카)

Mini Album – With Love, J


13. Monsta – X

Mini Album – The Clan Pt. 1 ‘Lost’


14. B.I.G

Mini Album – Aphrodite


15. Flower Kim (김꽃)

오월의 꽃 (The Flower of May)


16. Cogason (코가손)



17. April 2nd (에이프릴 세컨드)

Super Sexy Party Dress


18. Son Ho Young (손호영)

Mini Album – May, I


19. SHINee’s Jonghyun

She Is….


20. Oh My Girl

Mini Album – Windy Day


21. Han All (한올)

Mini Album – 작은 위로


22. Urban Zakapa (어반 자카파)

Mini Album – 스틸 (Still)


23. Song Hee Ran (송희란)

Mini Album – Baby


24. CLC

Mini Album – Nu.Clear


25. XIA



26. Isahi (이사히)

Separate but Coexisting


27. f(x)’s Luna

Free Somebody


28. Giriboy (기리보이)

기계적인 앨범Signature

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