K-Releases: May 2016 Singles!!!

Part 3…….

61. Making Cha (메이킹 차)

어느 봄날


62. LiVii (리비)



63. Lee Kyul (이결)



64. Hwion (휘온)

The World


65. AGER (아거)



66. Romeo (로미오)

악몽 (Nightmare)


67. Block B’s Park Kyung 

Inferiority Complex


68. f(x)’s Amber

Need to Feel Needed


69. MAP6 

매력발산타임 (Swagger Time)


70. Boyfriend (보이프렌드)

약속할게 (To My Best Friend)


71. Vitamint (비타민트)

나랑 사귈래? (Be Ma Girl?)


72. Shin Ji Hoon (신지훈)

정글짐 (Jungle Gym)


73. Sugar Donut (슈가 도넛)

Piece of Night



Get Rich Feat. Sizzla


75. Sik-K (식케이)

I Call it Love


76. Besweet (비스윗)



77. A.Some (어썸)

내 손 놓지마


78. Moon Junyoung – ZE:After

Too Late


79. Drug Restaurant (드럭 레스토랑)

Drug Restaurant


80. Tanemotion (타니모션)



81. Takers (테이커스)

Takers, We Bout To Ge Famous


82. Hi Temperature (안녕의 온도)

짝사랑 (One Side Love)


83. 2story (2스토리)



84. Gill (길)



85. iKON



86. Fiestar (피에스타)

Apple Pie


87. Yasu (야수)



88. VIBE (바이브)

I Vow


89. Sugarbowl (슈가볼)

How Was Your Day


90. Song Yu Vin (송유빈)

뼛속까지 너야 Feat. BTOB’s Heota (Minhyuk)


91. Super Junior’s Kyuhyun 


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