K-Releases: May 2016 Debuts/Collabo/Projects

Oh boy I’m freaking super late this time around. BTW, I’m going with the list format.


1. SOL-T (솔티)

SOL-T is signed under Probeat Company. Members include – Gyeo Wool (a former member of Active), Edo, Doa, and Chae Hee. Their debut song is 돌직구 (Curveball)


2. MIXX (믹스)

MIXX is the abbreviation for Motivation, Impression XX Chromosomes. The group debut under Chiko Entertainment with ‘Oh Ma Mind’. The members consist of Hanna (leader), Henny, Arie, and Liyah. 


3. Moxie (막시)

Moxie is a duo group signed with Urban Entertainment. Both girls were former members of Wanna.B – Bom and J.Bin. They made their debut with ‘Ketch Up’.


4. New-A (뉴에이)

A 5 member girl group signed under New Code entertainment agency. Members include – Seulbi (leader), Ria, Minsong, Gaeul, and Sia. The group made its debut with ‘솔져’ (Soldier)


5.  AFOS (아포스)

A 6 member boy group under ‘The Rebel’ label. Members include – Zett, Aknow, Hu, Jooen, Beagle, and BK. The group debut with Young Boyz.



1. Kim Jang Hoon X Super Junior’s Kang In (김장훈)

울지마 인마


2. Gavy NJ X 6 to 8

우리 사이 (Between Us)


3. R3hab X f(x)’s Amber & Luna X Xavi & Gi (R3hab, 엠버, 루나, Xavi & Gi (사비앤기))

SM Station – Wave


4. WINNER’s Song Min Ho X Moon Hee Kyung (송민호, 문희경)

엄마야 (Don’t Call Me Mama)


5. Hellovenus X Devine Channel

Part.1 : 빛이 내리면 (Glow)


6. K.Will X EXO’s Baekhyun (케이윌, 백현)

SM Station – The Day


7. San E X Gary

마치 비행기 (Like An Airplane)


8. Z.TAO X Wiz Khalifa

Hello, Hello


9. Parc Jae Jung X Super Junior’s Kyuhyun (박재정)

두 남자 (Two Men)


10. Dana (다나)

SM Station – 울려 퍼져라


11. Oh Man Suk X Lams (오만석, 램즈)

김광석 20주기, 김광석을 기억하다 Vol.2 – 잊어야 한다는 마음으로


12. Kim Hyun Chul X Kwon Byung Ho (김현철 , 권병호)

청춘티켓 여섯장 – 첫번째 티켓 ‘춘천가는 기차’


13. Degalo X Leewol (디갈로, 이월)

Never Give Up


14. Born Kim X Life & Time (본킴, 라이프 앤 타임)

goes on


15. Yoon Jung Shin X VIXX’s Ken (윤종신)

2016 월간 윤종신 5월호


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