Happy Sunday #185

Image For The Week

Butterfly origami 🙂

Saying For The Week


—> Check list & Variety shows

Thanks to Annarasumanara I’ve covered a lot of ground on my Book and comic challenge. The good thing about reading Annarasumanara (the title is sooo long lol!) is, according to Goodreads the book was added according to chapters (or maybe they were volumes), anyway I was able to pick up some pace.

2 dramas down – Bake Me Love, and My Amazing Boyfriend. I wasn’t actually sure if MAB would keep my interest, but it really did. I rated BML, and MAB 7/10 and 8.5/10 respectively. I’m contemplating writing a review for MAB……… Dramas I’m looking forward to watching this week – UPrince series (Handsome Cowboy) ep 4, Bake Me Love special, and Talay Fai. Interesting, they are all Lakorns lol!!! I’ve actually have K-dramas waiting to be marathoned – Signal, Marriage Contract, Reply 1988, and Another Miss Oh. I definitely can’t marathon Signal, I will rather evenly space its episodes. Whichever I decide upon, you will definitely know in the next edition of Happy Sunday ^^

I did some catching up on Happy Together; I really have to say this, after the change of set from sauna to the current one, the show has become even more interesting and hilarious. I still miss Late Night Cafeteria though 😀 I’m still behind on Running Man, I will do some catching up this week, same goes for 2 Days 1 Night. 

I have something new going for me *drum rolls* It’s making origami/paper craft 😀 The image above is the product of my handiwork; updates can be found on my Tumblr.

On sports – Serena Williams smashes her way to win her 7th Wimbledon Slam title and her 22nd Grand Slam title!! Really awesome for her *thumbs up* Still on tennis, Andy Murray also wins the Wimbledon title, making it his 2nd Wimbledon Slam title. AND this evening, Portugal will have a face off against France!! I’m so excited, I don’t know who to root for  *torn*

Song For The Week

Happy by Mocca, ENJOY!!!

Eye Candy For The Week

Showing some love to them old school girl groups ❤

SES!! South Korean first generation girl group. From right to left; Shoo, Eugene, and Sea (Bada).

 Have an awesome week!!!

P.S – 

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