Happy Sunday #186

Image For The Week

New York at Night by JC Richardson

Saying For The Week


—> Check list & Variety shows

Just 5 movies to go and ich will be done with my movie challenge. Marathoned 2 K-dramas – Another Oh Hae Young (9/10), and Marriage Contract (9.5/10). Yup, they were really good, and of course I highly recommend both dramas!! With AOHY and MC off the list, I’m left with Signal and Reply 1988. Oh there’s also Innocent Man. And on the side I’m eyeing 3 ongoing K-dramas Doctors, Uncontrollably Fond and The Flower in Prison……I might probably watch none…… Pasika can rarely catch a break on Talay Fai; it’s either Te’s mum raising hell or someone wants her dead, and if it’s neither of the above then it’s Te going from the sweetest guy in dramaland to an irrational thoughtless jerk. Jao Sao Chapor Kit is hilarious as usual, Film totally nailed his character in ep 8. It was just freaking hilarious!!

Since summer break started, I have been slacking in variety show watching. So, I plan on catching up on the regular shows I watch, while starting new shows – Real Men (I’ve been putting this off for too long), Sister’s Slam Dunk, Battle Trips and Talents For Sale. I saw ep 304 of Running Man and it’s wonderful!!! Although Song Ji Hyo didn’t win, she’s the MVP! She totally made the episode worth watching. 

I don’t want to get anyone depressed, but last week has been riddled with attacks and shooting here and there 😦 Condolences to the families of those who were affected……..

Song For The Week

I really love this OST from Another Oh Hae Young, Like A Dream by Ben, ENJOY!!!

Eye Candy For The Week

This week’s eye candy is gracing Happy Sunday for the first time 😀 

Eric Mun!!! Oori one and only leader of Shinhwa!!! He’s just getting hotter and talented with age *swoons*

And of course I can’t leave out the other members of Shinhwa. From far left to right – Andy, Dong wan, Hyesung, Eric, Junjin, and Minwoo.

Have an awesome week

P.S –

…..no need making life any more complicated than it is……


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