K-Releases: June 2016 Singles!

June singles K-releases coming through 🙂 – Part 1

1. Heize (헤이즈)

And July Feat. Dean, DJ Fritz


2. Luvan (러반)



3. J.Bass (정바스)

꼬박 (26.64)


4. Diallo (디알로)

Divin’ Feat Rex.D


5. Choix2 (최초이)

ICU Feat. Andup


6. Kisum (키썸)

맥주 두 잔 (2 Beer)


7. Seo In Young (서인영)

너에게 안겨 (Hugged by You)


8. Standing Egg (스탠딩 에그)

뚝뚝뚝 (with Yeseul)


9. Mad Clown (매드 클라운)

h.ear your colors


10. As One (애즈 원)

아무 말 안해도 돼 (Don’t Say Anything)


11. Mighty Mouth (마이티 마우스)

Sugar Sugar


12. Double S 301 (SS301)



13. Ukulele Picnic (우쿨렐레 피크닉)

월요병 (Blue Monday)


14. Song Shi Hyun (송시현)

송시현의 月刊, ‘꿈결같은 세상’ 6호 (No YT link available)


15. Jhamel Kim (자밀킴)

Hold on


16. Esbee



17. Enan (이난)

귀에 대고 말해


18. Daddy J

널부러져 (Prod. By HOMME’s Lee Hyun)


19. Bubble Sisters’ Young Ji

취한 건 아니고


20. SNSD’s Tiffany

Heartbreak Hotel Feat. Simon Dominic


21. 2am’s Jeong Jin Woon (정진운)

Will Feat. Tiger JK


22. Suran (수란)

땡땡땡 DDANG Feat. Mamamoo’s Hwasa


23. Somethingwrong

A.U.E (No YT link available)


24. Saevom (새봄)

우린 (We Are)


25. G.Urban (지어반)

커피가 좋아


26. Coffee Boy (커피소년)

무심하게 툭


27. Winterplay (윈터플레이)

Purple Rain


28. Molly.D



29. Lee Jin Ah (이진아)



30. Jung Key (정키)



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