K-Releases: June 2016 Debuts/Collabo/Projects!


1. 021

021 pronounced O to One is a 6 member girl group  signed under FNC. It’s also quite an international group; consisting of 2 Koreans, 3 Japanese and a Filipino – Wei Yang (leader), Ruru, Jiyoung, Sona-K, Lina, and Yuri. 021 debut with ‘Show Me’.


2. A.De (에이디이)

I have no idea how the group’s name should be properly written – A.De, A.DE, or A.de. Those are the variations I’ve seen so far. A.De is signed under 2ABLE Company, members include – Suyeon (was on Produce 101), Yeorin, Jiseo, Rachel, Haeyoung (was on Produce 101), Choyoon, and Miso (was also on Produce 101). The girls made their debut with ‘Strawberry’


3. gugudan (구구단)

You can guess from the name of the group that the group consists of 9 members. gugudan is the latest addition to Jellyfish Entertainment which houses VIXX, Park Hyo Shin, Sung Si Kyung, and some other artists. Members include – Mimi, Hana, Haebin, Na Young, Sejeong (member of I.O.I), Sally, Soyee, Mina (member of I.O.I), and Hyeyeon. gugudan debut with mini Album – Act.1 The Little Mermaid.



1. April’s Chae Won & Chae Kyung [윤채경, 김채원 (에이프릴)]



2. Kim Sook X Yoon Jung Soo (윤정수 , 김숙)

너만 잘났냐 (You’re the Boss)


3. Park Yoon Ha X Yoo Seung Woo (박윤하 , 유승우)

Jellybox 여름밤 피크닉


4. B1A4 X BTOB’s Seo Eun Kwang & Lee Chang Sub X KARA’s Youngji X A-JAX X April X Oh My Gir X Kassy (B1A4, 서은광 (비투비) , 이창섭 (비투비), 허영지 (카라), A-JAX, 에이프릴, 오마이걸, 케이시)

손끝의 사랑


5. We Are The Night X Kim Gwang Seok (위아더나잇 X 김광석)

김광석 20주기, 김광석을 기억하다 Vol.3 (No YT link available)


6. Sunnyside’s MJ X Lee Si Young (MJ(써니사이드) , 이시영)

매일 너와 – 로켓탄콜라보 Vol.11 (Rocketan Collabo Vol.11)


7. KOLAJ X Eric Nam

Into You


8. J-Star X After School’s Jung Ah (제이스타 , 정아 [애프터스쿨])

봄, 여름 그 사이 (S.S)


9. Loco X Gray

Good Feat. ELO


10. San E X After School’s Raina

달고나 (Sugar and Me)


11. BoA X Beenzino (보아, 빈지노)

No Matter What


12. Ha Sang Wook X Rooftop Moonlight (하상욱 (시 잉여 송라이터) , 옥상달빛)

좋은 생각이 났어, 니 생각


13. An Age Project (동갑내기 프로젝트)



14. Lee Dong Woo X Orphée Noah

Definition of Love


15. Yoon Jong Shin X KittiB X Phantom’s Hanhae (윤종신 With 한해, 키디비)

2016 월간 윤종신 6월호 – 의미 없다


16. Unnies (언니쓰)

언니들의 슬램덩크 (Sister’s Slam Dunk) – Shut Up Feat. Yoo Hee Yeol (유희열)


17. Super Junior’s Leeteuk X EXO’s Suho X Kassy X Cho Young Soo (이특, 수호, 케이시)

나의 영웅 (My Hero)


18. Dynamic Duo’s Choiza X Primary (최자, 프라이머리)



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