Happy Sunday #189

Image For The Week

I like the details and its simplicity. Cr: Tumblr – Treevision 摄影师杨子坤

Saying For The Week


—> Check list & Variety shows

It looks as if I’m back to drama hopping, and hence I’m watching more of ongoing or currently subbed shows – W, Uncontrollably Fond, UPrince – Handsome series, Lovey Dovey series, Jao Sao Chapor Kit, Plerng Naree, Sailub Ruk Puan, and Talay Fai. 

After watching ep 5 of Uncontrollably Fond, I realised for the umpteenth time how extreme some fans can be. Like seriously?! I do like some celebs and popular figures, but there’s a limit. Them celebs have their own freaking lives and I think they should be allowed THEIR privacy, and the right to make decisions that matter to them without having to be considerate of their so called fans. That aside, I did probably fall for Ahjussi also, but I she constantly calling Ahjussi’s name got irritating. I really can’t wait to see what she does when she realises who the father of Ahjussi and Joon Young is. I sincerely do not understand what’s JY’s mum’s problem. I get he’s in a profession you don’t like, but taking it out on him like that is just stupid, petty, and foolish. One part of me wants her to regret her actions. I don’t think she’s ever stopped to think of the reason he changed professions, because if she did, she did sense something went wrong. She thinks pushing him away and taking to other petty actions will make him stop, she thought wrong. I wish her luck with the aftermath of her decision. 

Thanks to my sis, I’m also watching Empire. Empire the American TV show. We are on season 2 and I think I’ve had enough of Luscious and his sons, especially Andre. I can’t believe he’s even the first child, his mental instability aside, can’t he apply some common sense when making decisions? He just keeps getting pushed around. I’ve been feeling sorry for him considering all he went through, but apparently he doesn’t learn, hence no point. Hakeem still makes better choices than him. Tbh I find them both (Luscious & Andre) pretty disgusting, with Luscious taking the crown. There’s only 4 eps left till my sister and I complete season 2, but still…….

I’ve fully caught up with Cool Kiz on the Block, Running Man and Happy Together, now all I have to do is watch this week’s episode once it’s been subbed and uploaded 😀 Note to self – Weiter so! Weiter so! 😀

BTW, I finished Hanzawa Naoki, it’s pretty good. I rated it 10/10, it totally deserve it. Sakai’s acting as Naoki was convincing and good. At first I was wondering how his character would develop, I didn’t have to wait for long. The supporting casts – his close friends, wife (played by Ueto Aya), and co-workers were really good. Bank institutions supposedly set up for those with financial situations ends up being a tool of oppression, manipulation and other devious purposes. Then comes someone who wants to see a change happen, of course they won’t let it happen. Nevertheless he puts in everything to distinguish himself as a banker and right as much wrong as possible. I need a season 2 to be released soon.

Song For The Week

A Little Braver by New Empire, it’s one of Uncontrollably Fond’s OST, ENJOY!!!

Eye Candy For The Week

A new face on the blog *drum rooooollll*

Oikawa Mitsuhiro (及川光博)!!! A Japanese actor, he played the role of Hanzawa’s close friend, Tomari, in Hanzawa Naoki.

Have an awesome week!!!

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