Happy Sunday #191

Image For The Week

It’s really beautiful!

Saying For The Week


—> Variety shows & Check lists

I watched more of movies last week. Most of which were Nigerian movies (Oba Jobalo, Aso Bora, Pele, Ogun Owo, Yemi My Lover, Seed of Destiny and Sudden Impact) and tbh there’s nothing much to them lol!! 

Back to dramaland, I can’t get Cinderella and the Four Knights out of my head. This is some serious addiction I’m talking about lol!! Only 4 episodes have aired so far; I can watch other shows while waiting, however I keep checking TvN’s YT account for snippets and BTS to pass time until the next episode airs. I also find Plerng Naree equally interesting. It’s not often one sees dramas with a strong female lead with such confidence as Pririsa (Plerng Naree) and a tough cookie like Ha Won (Cat4K). I’m waiting for Phob to uncover her connection to Kamin the Prince of Trigis. I caught up with W and damn the webtoon has gone haywire and mayhem from hell has been unleashed…… I think I exaggerated a bit hehehe! Anywho, ep 9 highlights the entry into the second half of W.

Although I’m still season 1 of The Blacklist, that show is darn awesome!!! You can’t help but like Red played by James Spader.

Song For The Week

For You by BTOB, Cinderella and the Four Knights’ OST, ENJOY!!!

Eye Candy For The Week

Today marks the end of the XXXI Olympiad aka Rio Olympics 2016. Of course I was focused on the games, but that doesn’t stop me from not noticing the hunks and beauties of this year’s Summer Olympics. 

Arthur Nory Oyakawa Mariano, Brazilian-Japanese gymnastic. I didn’t even get to see him in action lol!!! I suddenly saw his pictures floating all over the web hehehe!

Have an awesome week!!

P.S –

I just had to share this!! Totes love him hehehehe!! His legacy aside, he’s such a humorous person.


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