Happy Sunday #193

Image For The Week

Infinity Mirror Room – Filled with the Brilliance of Life by Yayoi Kusama

Saying For The Week


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It’s only been a week since I landed on the soil of Stockholm, Sweden, but the events of the past week has made it look like more than 2 months lol! But it’s been a pretty interesting experience. I’m taking it has an adventure 😀 I should be properly settled in in a couple of days. I’m yet to engage in any thorough sight-seeing, I saw some few places in the central but that’s it. 

Drama watching helped me recover some of sanity lol! Pride, a Japanese drama, starring Yuko Takeuchi and Takuya Kimura (aka KimuTaku). I HIGHLY recommend it to any- and everyone. The sizzling, awesome, and natural-flowing chemistry aside; the drama has a really good plot and runs across several genres – comedy (it happens at weird times lol), bromance (200/100), sport (I love Scorpions team’s cheer before each match begins!!), life issues (well executed, without been draggy or unnecessary complicated), sister love, and of course the romance. Pride encompasses a lot of things, it also depends on your perspective. Some things didn’t sit well with me; the ‘Waiting game’ and the impression that only the males had this huge pride to protect and keep, and also Aki was too passive. I get her reasons, but I think it’s better to actively do something about the issue than just quietly accept the result. Nevertheless Pride is a really really good show, I rated it 9/10.

There are also the weekly shows – UPrince series #2 – Gentle Vet, Lovey Dovey series, W, Cinderella and the Four Knights, and Plerng Naree; I also started The Sixth Sense season 1. Gentle Vet has been okay, the last ep will be uploaded this week with Eng subs on GMMTv. The last couple of scenes of W’s ep 13 were quite interesting, it made up for the fillers and narrations of both eps which aired last week. I’m interested in seeing how the writer will tie the loose ends in a neat bow with only 3 eps left. Cat4K is getting pretty interesting, but I really can’t stand Hye Ji. There’s a limit to how pathetic and desperate one can get, she has totally crossed that line, and poor Ha Won is caught in the whole BS! I really want to know what new wifey has got up her sleeves. The subs for Plerng Naree are quite slow atm, but ep 9 has already been uploaded by Ch3, and I took a look at it; Risa is in some deep trouble, the Queen found out lol! As for LD series, no idea what’s going down there lol!

I want to start Love 020 the drama adaptation of Gu Man’s book Just One Smile is very Alluring, there’s a lot of raving about it and it’s topping the charts in China. Novoland: The Castle in the Sky also did pretty well. Another family K-drama started airing last week – The Gentlemen of Wolgyesu Tailor Shop, I did like give it a shot also.

My project (internship) starts this week, wish me luck ^_^

Song For The Week

I thought I should share this too. #WHERESTHELOVE Feat. The World by Black Eyed Peas

Eye Candy For The Week

I have a new girl-crush *thump thump*

Yuko Takeuchi!!!! Her simple and subtle elegance is on another level. Her looks aside, she also such a talented Japanese actress! I saw her in Pride and I was sold. Period 😀 😀 She has a new movie Tono, all that’s left is to play the waiting game (watching other dramas) until it’s subbed.

Have an awesome week!!!

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