K-Releases: July 2016 Singles!!

Part 2…… This edition is super late, Stockholm and life happened……The rest will follow shortly.

31. Sik-K (식케이)

No Where Feat. Loco


32. Honey Pot (꿀단지)



33. Fred (프레드)

So Far Away


34. Cotton Project (코튼 프로젝트)


35. John Park (존박)

네 생각 (Thought of You)


36. Eric Nam (에릭남)

못참겠어 (Can’t Help Myself) Feat. Loco


37. B.A.P

Feel So Good (Type B – Japanese)


38. Lyn (린)

그대만의 것 (Only Yours) Feat. Soulman


39. Remains (리메인즈)

마지막 춤은 그대와 함께 (No YT link available)


40. Lisa (리사)

우리는 챔피언 (We Are Champion)


41. Lee Hyung Eun (이형은)

못참겠어 (I Can’t Stop Loving U) (No YT link available)


42. Evo (이보)

Nike (No YT link available)


43. Diallo (디알로)

Sexy Body (No YT link available)


44. BesteR (베스터)



45. The Lime (더 라임)

한 사람 (Miss You)


46. Sung Young Joo (성영주)

날 사랑하긴 했을까


47. Rico (리코)

Open Your Mind


48. Real Smell (리얼스멜)



49. Panini Brunch (파니니 브런치)

눈빛만 바라봐도


50. Lupinus (루피너스)

여름밤 (Summer Night)


51. Kim Eun Sun (김은선)

김은선 Single Part.2 – 좋겠어 (No YT link available)


52. J.U (제이유)

괜찮아질 수가 없잖아


53. N.Flying

Endless Summer (Japanese)


54. Z.TAO  (黄子韬)

Black White (AB)


55. B.O

Can’t Do Nothing Feat. Reddy


56. Stellar



57. Kim Tae Woo (김태우)

시원해 (T-With)


58. Gavy NJ (가비엔제이)



59. Dok2 (도끼)

Beverly 1lls (Remix) Feat. The Quiett


60. Miss A’s Fei (페이)



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