Happy Sunday #194

Image For The Week

Cr: owner
Cr: owner

Saying For The Week


—> Checklist & Variety shows

I have been neglecting variety shows since my arrival in Stockholm, but I manage to catch up with Running Man XDD Just for the record, Lee Joon Gi needs to appear on more variety shows hehehehe!! He was on Running Man ep 314 and his objective was apparently to have fun and goof around XDD I also saw the recent episode of Gag Concert, and those new segments got me cracking up real bad lol!!

Now to the highlight of the week – Just One Smile is Very Alluring aka Love O2O. I read the novel last year when I read there would be a drama adaptation coming out this year. I rated the novel 4.5, and the drama *drum rolls* 10 out of 10!!! Yep that’s how much I enjoyed watching it. Xiao Nai’s friends – Hao Mei, Old Man Yu and Yong Hou are PURE gold!! I understood the game better after watching the drama, I also know some game and programming terms and specs. Well I don’t think I will be needing them though hehehhe!! Although Er Xi was sometimes annoying, she’s cute to watch lol!! Wei Wei’s girlfriends were not that bad, but there was more of Er Xi than Xiao Ling and Sisi. Among all her friends I liked Xiao Ling. The plot and story didn’t stray away from the novel, of course some roles got bigger, but no major change. Yang Yang portrayed Xiao Nai’s personality and character really well – his playfulness, wit, supremacy, intelligence and black belly-ish character were well depicted. I sometimes felt that Wei Wei was a bit stiff, but overall she did pretty well in presenting Wei Wei’s intelligence, subtle wit, and reserve character. I can’t remember WW being that selfless in the book, but instead she always had a way of circumventing or avoiding unnecessary situations. To cut the long story short – if you’re still hesitating to watch the drama, just watch it!!! It’s really interesting, you won’t be bored by the programming jargons, it doesn’t become draggy either. Also the second leads are not a pain in the a**, well maybe one. Chemistry, bromance, game, friendship, wuxia, comedy, a hint of yaoi – it’s a full package 😀 😀 I like the parents of both Xiao Nai & Wei Wei, they are really cute.

Okay enough of Love O2O, it wasn’t the only drama I watched last week. Lovey Dovey series – No kidding, but I’ve had enough of Kookkai trying to control Kaiwan’s relationship. Kaiwan is way matured and better at getting her sh*t together than Kookkai. Someone needs to tell Kookkai!! W is finally coming to an end, I really want to see if the end will be worth all the twist-in-a-twist-in-another-twist (series of plot twists), until then no comment. Plerng Naree is also coming to an end this week, as usual I will watch the important parts without subs, while waiting for subs. I think Nang Ay is up next after Plerng Naree. BTW I started both Novoland – Castle in the Sky and The Tailor family drama (the title is long). Tailor drama didn’t work out so well for me, so out for now. Novoland looks pretty interesting. And of course Love O2O won the bid hehehe!!

Update on my internship – I was able to visit the mice. YAAY!!! One has to be fully dressed to go in there – a proper full gear which comprises of a change of clothing, different lab shoes (you have to change shoes when you go into a different room), each section had it’s own hair covering, face mask, gloves, different overalls for each room also. The changing alone takes up time lol!! Anyway it was fun seeing the Animal lab section. I’ll be going in there tomorrow again with my supervisor. There’s suppose to be a CPR class section this week, I would like to take it. I might get lucky and be able to partake in the course.

By the way, I got my lazy self to go out today. The plan was to go to Uppsala, because I heard there was a cultural event happening during the weekend. On my way there, I double checked on the internet. And I realised it ALREADY happened and that it was just a day event. I was pissed at myself lol!! So I started searching for other events happening, and I got wind of Ethnografisika Museet holding an exhibition. So I headed there instead. It the BEST decision ever!!! The exhibitions ranged from the Red Indians, Ainu (Japanese aborigines), Benin (a state in Nigeria) and many more. The collections they have collected over the years is extraordinary. Apart from the antiques and such, the interior of the place is another story. It’s totally relaxing!!! You don’t have to be there for the exhibitions, you can simply just sit there. There are some rooms with audio sounds – ranging from horse races, birds from the Amazon, a mild snow storm, ocean waves etc. The colours that were used for the interior didn’t only depict which part of the world the displays were from but they felt pretty warm also. Anyways, it’s a pretty unique place. I couldn’t see it all, Imma going back there again hehehe!!

Let’s see what this week have in store for me – last ep of W, Uprince #3 – T-rex’s first ep, Lovey Dovey series, Cinderella and the Four Knight, a couple of variety shows, a presentation and life XDD

Song For The Week

 Arigato by Julie Bergan, a Norwegian singer. I chanced on it, while listening to a Swedish radio station, ENJOY!!!

Eye Candy For The Week

Ladies first – one of the female actress of Love O2O ^_^

Mao Xiao Tong!!! Her game character in the Chinese Ghost Story - Joyful Xi. BTW, I just realised she's starring along side Mike D' Angelo in Delicious Destiny. I can't wait to see how she fits into that role.
Mao Xiao Tong!!! Her game character in the Chinese Ghost Story – Joyful Xi. BTW, I just realised she’s starring along side Mike D’ Angelo in Delicious Destiny. I can’t wait to see how she fits into that role.

Have an awesome week!!! 

P.S – ” Create something today (this week) even if it sucks” – Unknown


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