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—-> Variety shows & Check list

I’ve gotten back into the groove of reading Chinese novels. So after reading Best to Have Met You, I followed it up with Wipe Clean After Eating (3/5), and I’m currently reading Beautiful Bones by Mo Bao Fei Bao. I’m still in the early chapters, but it looks pretty good. Reviews on both WPAE and B2HMY can be found on the side bar ^_^

Novoland: The Castle in the Sky – aiyoo….. the writer decided to turn the one and only Feng Tianyi into some lovesick person that can’t even think properly. Where did the bright and brilliant schemer disappear to? Anyways, I’m glad they brought back a semblance of his former self in the last eps. It’s funny how twisted the logic of these tyrants is, they always have to find something to blame – fate, close people, decisions they’ve made even though they were the ones who made them. Anyway, it was pretty interesting watching Novoland. An alternate ending was released, I personally think that was a good move. I would be somewhat pissed if BTJ ended up with Fuling. She ended up with whom she was actually fated to end up with regardless of the foul play that was pulled by both Tian Zi and BTJ. Of course he went through a lot – a thousand cuts to the bones, bone marrow transfer, exile blah blah blah, but just like his mum, he wants to use his love has a weapon instead. As for Feng Tianyi, he really didn’t have to try hard to use Fuling, I’m sure she will gladly want to be reincarnated and provide as much pollen for the Wingkind clan as she can. That I think is the difference between both of them. One other thing is your life is in your hands theory. Fate plays a part but you also the will to choose, however if you tamper with it wrongly it might not work out the way you want……But then again I’ve lived for decades and I can say life doesn’t often work out as one plans it. However that’s what makes life Life…….okay, enough about that. After all has been watched and said, I rated it 8/10. For the record, I totally like Royal uncle – Feng Ren. He’s super efficient and on point!! Albeit, I don’t like how he carries his neck lol!! He must have suffered from neck pain after filming hehehe! 

UPrince series #3 – Lovely Geologist – I’m so loving Kacha as T-rex!! In ep 2 his transformation from his normal cutie self to being fierce was truly good. He also didn’t have to overact, his face says it all.

Although Love in Time is short, it’s still pretty fun to watch. I rated it 8/10

Cindy and her boy Jiwoon are still at it, well at least the writer managed to neatly deal with the fake father’s plot in one and a half eps. Stretching it any longer, would have made things too messy. I’m yet to watch eps 13 &14 but from the previews the real deal about who will inherit what will commence. I really hope PA isn’t planning on taking sides with that woman. 

Oh I almost forgot, what’s the point of granting honorary titles to someone after they die?! That could as well be given to the person before death. *one other thing I noticed while watching Novoland*

2 Days 1 Night is as hilarious as usual lol!! In 4 eps I will catch up with the show, FINALLY!!! *my goal is in sight* XDD I’m on the episode where they are go the competition trip with Park Bo Gum and Kim Jun Hyun. What will Cha Tae Hyun’s team have done without Park Bo Gum?! lol! PGM is the one taking the initiative to look up stuffs and he’s also in charge of persuading Jongmin to partake in activities chosen by CTH 😀 Whereas in team Kim Junho, they are keep playing games to choose who partake in the chosen ‘extreme’ sport, which included riding a duck boat and viking in the amusement part hehehe!! The team is sly and crafty as the leader hehehe!!

Internship – A new student joined the research group I’m interning in. He gave a presentation on Friday, where he spoke about 4 researches he has conducted. All of which were published, and he was even cited as the first author. Not only that he’s just 25!!! Apparently I haven’t been doing anything *sighs* Anyway, I got motivated *fired up* BTW I was at Vasamuseet, that museum is awesome. EVERYTHING that could be documented was documented; from how the ship was built, to its sinking, the decision reached by the council to find the culprit up to its recovery process after 300 years and preservation from then till now. It’s really interesting to see all the sculptures, details and even the reason for its sinking. Visitors even get to ‘build’ and simulate their own ship and test it against the theory for the ship sinking. Of course I played around with the simulations – added as much guns on both decks, increase the width, added a lot of tons of ballast and tried reaching the maximum wind speed hehehe!! My friend and I kept making adjustments and testing limits lol! I also watched a 25 minutes movie on how the ship was constructed and built before going for the tour. It’s a place someone should definitely visit, if one ever visits Stockholm. 

Song For The Week

Jailer by Asa, it’s one of my favourite songs from her. ENJOY!!!

Eye Candy For The Week

Time to fangirl over Feng Tianyi and Novoland (stills) 😀 😀 BTW photo cr: goes to Cdramadevotee

Feng Tianyi played by Zhang Ruoyun!! Hi love the green-bluish eyes he was given. His acting was pretty good also.
Feng Tianyi played by Zhang Ruo Yun!! Hi love the green-bluish eyes he was given. His acting was pretty good also, he has this strong presence that just can’t be overlooked. I hear Fifteen Years of Waiting for Migratory Birds is pretty good also. Sparrow will also air soon, and he’s starring along side Li Yi Feng.
Bai Tingjun played by Liu Chang
Bai Tingjun played by Liu Chang
Fuling played by Guan Xiao Tong
Fuling played by Guan Xiao Tong

Ahem……be careful of nosebleeding to death, you’ve been warned!

Have an awesome week!!

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