K-Releases: August 2016 Albums!

1. HyunA

Mini Album – A’wesome


2. Basick (베이식)

Mini Album – Nice (Title song)


3. SHINee’s Taemin

Mini Album – さよならひとり (Goodbye – Korean ver.) – Title track


4. Oh My Girl (오마이걸)

Mini Album – Summer Party


5. Apink

Mini Album – Summer Time (Japanese)


6. AOA

Mini Album – Good Luck (Japanese) (Title track)


7. Up10tion (업텐션)

Mini Album – Summer Go!


8. 2PM’s Jun. K

Mini Album – Mr No♡


9. WJSN (Cosmic Girls/우주소녀)

Mini Album – The Secret


10. Agust D

‘Agust D’ 1st Mixtape


11. EXO

Lotto (Repackage)


12. FT Island

Mini Album – Just Do It (No YT link available)


13. NELL (넬)



14. Romeo (로미오)

First Love (Special Edition)


15. Jimin Park (박지민)

Mini Album – 19에서 20 (19 to 20)


16. Kiggen (키겐)

Mini Album – 밤에 듣기 좋은 노래 (Song for the Night) (Track ?)


17. Tymee (타이미)

Mini Album  – Symbol (Preview)


18. Laboum (라붐)

Mini Album – Love Sign


19. ELO

Mini Album – Eight Femmes


20. Bolbbalgan4 (볼빨간사춘기)

Red Planet


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