K-Releases: August 2016 Singles!

Part 1…….

1. Superbee (슈퍼비)

내 이름은 수퍼비 (My Name is Superbee)


2. Standing Egg (스탠딩 에그)

여름밤에 우린 (Summer Night You and I)


3. Ja Mezz

Memento Feat. The Quiett


4. Can (캔)

아름다움 – No YT link available


5. SNSD’s Yoona

Blossom (Chinese) – Single Album


6. 9Muses A (나인뮤지스A)

Muses Diary – Single Album


7. BTOB (비투비)

여행 가고 싶어 (I Want to go on a Vacation)


8. Sweet Sorrow (스윗소로우)



9. Suran (수란)

떠날랏꼬 (Paradise Go)


10. EXO

Monster (LDN Noise Creeper Bass Remix)


11. B.A.P

Put’em Up – Single Album


12. I.O.I (아이오아이)

Whatta Man (Good Man)


13. J-Min (제이민)

Ready for Your Love


14. 2Lson (투엘슨)

Look into my Eyes


15. Kim Yuna (김윤아)



16. Suki (숙희)

여름감기 (Summer Cold) – Teaser


17. Soulights (소울라이츠)

알아들어요 Feat. 키디비 – No YT link available


18. Sanchez (산체스)

대기실 (Claustrophobia)


19. VIXX (빅스)



20. Zoin (조인)



21. Zia (지아)

Color Series Part 3 ‘Black’ – 내가 나를 잘 아니까


22. Truedy (트루디)

All Kill


23. 24K (투포케이)

Still 24K


24. Mkit Rain



25. I.O.I (아이오아이)

손에 손잡고 (Hand in Hand)


26. Luizy (승연)

Baby Ride Feat. BTOB’s Hyunsik


27. Gray (그레이)

Summer Night remix Feat. Hoody


28. Yang Hee Eun (양희은)

‘뜻밖의 만남’ 일곱 번째 – No YT link available


29. Penomeco (페노메코)

For You Feat. Crush, Punchnello


30. Geeks (긱스)



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