K-Releases: August 2016 Debuts/Collabos/Projects!


1. INX (인엑스)

INX is a 5 member boy group signed under Na Entertainment. The group made its debut with ‘Alright’. Members include – Jun Yong, Sangho, Bon Kuk, Ji Nam, and Win.


2. Blackpink

The long awaited girl group of YG entertainment debuts with Single album ‘Square One’. Members include – Jisoo, Jennie, Rose, and Lisa


3. I.B.I (아이비아이)

I.B.I is another project group from the show Produce 101. Members consist of contestants that didn’t make it to the top 11 – Hae In, So Hee, Chae Kyung, Su Hyun, and Hye Ri. I.B.I is signed under Loen Entertainment, and the group make sits debut with ‘Molae Molae (몰래몰래)’


4. MASC (마스크)

Masc for Masculine is a 4 member boy group under JJ Holic Media. Members include – WooSoo (leader), 26, A.C.E, and Hee Jae (maknae). Macs makes its debut with mini album ‘Strange’


5. NCT Dream

Another NCT unit group, members include – Mark (also a member of NCT U, and NCT 127), Renjun, Jeno, Haechan (a member of NCT 127), Jaemin, Chenle, and Jisung. NCT Dream debuts with Chewing Gum.



1. Jun. K X Baek A Yeon (준케이, 백아연)

가지마 (Don’t Go)


2. Girls’ Generation (소녀시대)

SM Station – 그 여름 (Sailing – 0805)


3.  1sagain X Ju Bora (원써겐, 주보라)

일어나지 않길 바랬던 일


4. Y Teen (Monsta X X WJSN) – Y틴 (몬스타엑스 X 우주소녀)

Do Better


5. Jay Park X Kirin (박재범, 기린)

City Breeze


6. Gong Ginam X Gordak (공기남X고닥)

공기남X고닥 #1 – 투정부리고 싶은데


7. SHINee’s Onew X Lee Jin Ah (온유, 이진아)

밤과 별의 노래 (Starry Night)


8. Cjamm X BewhY (씨잼, 비와이)



9. B.I.G’s Benji X Heyne (벤지 (비아이지), 혜이니)

듀엣 – Duet


10. U Sung Eun X Rooftop House Studio (유성은, 옥탑방 작업실)

500 Days of Summer (Teaser)


11. Hash Swan X dKash (디캐시, 해쉬 스완)



12. Dave Near X Kim Pro (데이브 니어)



13. As One X Miss $’ Kang Min Hee X Mellie (애즈원, 강민희 (미스에스), 멜리)

여름아 가지마 (Forever Summer)


14. SNSD’s Seohyun X Yuri (유리, 서현)

SM Station – Secret


15. Choi Hwa Jung X Rose Motel (화정 X 여관 )

한 번 듣고 말 노래


16. Crush X Han Sangwon



17. Triple T (Hyoyeon, Min, Jo Kwon)

Born to be Wild Feat. Park Jin Young (JYP)


18. Real Girls Project (리얼걸프로젝트)

꿈을 (Dream)


19. Lee Se Joon X NC.A X Super Junior’s Yesung X Ali (이세준, Ali, 예성, 앤씨아)

널 위한 멜로디


20. Yang Da Il X SISTA’s Hyolyn (양다일, 효린)

그리워 (And then)


21. Yoon Jong Shin (윤종신)

2016 월간 윤종신 8월호 – age


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