[IMW] Pending Drama Reviews – My Amazing Boyfriend, Border, and Another Oh Hae Young

I have been pushing this back for weeks now. Sometimes my procrastination habit scares me *scary* It was initially supposed to be posted as an individual post for each of the dramas, but to be honest my memory is quite fuzzy at the moment lol!!

My Amazing Boyfriend
My Amazing Boyfriend

When I first heard about My Amazing Boyfriend, I read it was a remake of My Love From Another Star, that just turned me off. I enjoyed watching MLFAS, additionally I get it’s super popular and all, but doing a remake just felt like someone wanted to ride on the popularity of MLFAS. Anyway that was my initial impression of MAB, but later on I realised that wasn’t the case.

Where to watch? –> MAB Viki, and for more infos –> MAB Baidu

I initially intended to throw in some comparison between MAB and MLFAS, but there’s actually NONE imo.

Although MAB has the supernatural theme due to the main male lead’s superpowers, but it took a scientific turn later on. This makes MAB stand out for me, there are so many superpower-theme dramas out there all ranging from vampires to aliens, but this drama looked up to science to back up the main male lead’s enhanced abilities. The investigations was mainly on analyzing his blood, and genetically modifying it in order to use it for the ‘well-being’ of man.

Plot aside, I liked the bromance that brewed over time between the male characters. I can’t say much for the acting though lol! The male lead could use more acting instructions, I think the main female lead was okay, but her character could be quite frustrating. The villain was pretty good imo, his reasons were clear and he’s pretty crafty. With all the advanced technology you would think that there would be an improvement in the CG but nope. Anyways that aside, MAB is fluffy, light and has comical elements. Although it’s 28 eps long each ep is less than 45 minutes, hence it can be considered a fast watch. Her parents, I like the main female lead’s parents that are just freaking funny.

I recommend it to those looking for another perspective to superhuman abilities, other than what we always see.



Oguri Shun *squeals* Do I really need to elaborate on the drama?! I mean isn’t the poster with Oguri Shun reason enough to watch?! That was all I needed to watch Border XDD *tries to contain fangirl mode*

Okay let’s take a look at this objectively….. Border is a crime, mystery, psychological and supernatural themed drama. Ishikawa played by Oguri Shun gains a new ability after coming back from the dead. Along with this new ability came a strong burden, which led to him having a different perspective of his tasks/duties as a detective. It gets to a point where his initial values and principles are seriously shaken and he’s (and also the viewers are) left with the feeling that he will/has cross(ed) the line that differentiates him from the criminals he arrests.

I really love how Oguri portrayed his character, well true I might be biased lol!! But he definitely did a good job, you can see his transition from being the upright officer he once was to how he became consumed with this new ability. He almost went crazy, because there weren’t so many people he could confide in. Even during the transition, you can see his struggle in trying the make the right decision, or make a decision that would be beneficial to everyone at the long run. I also liked the background story each case had, it completely makes you immersed in the case. If I was in his shoes, I would probably have ended up in the psychiatric ward lol!! There’s was one episode I felt so sorry for him, he was raging and went crazy; it took a couple of other supporting characters to pull him out of that.

The directing, background music and the supporting casts totally makes Border a FULL package. I can’t remember any OST, but the BGM totally sets the mood.

I LOVE Border, not only because it stars Oguri Shun, but also because the stories really and truly hit home. Whether he had supernatural abilities or not there were some things he couldn’t straighten out no matter how hard he tried. You totally realize that life will forever be life and unfair, and sometimes there’s nothing you can do about it.


Another Oh Hae Young

Thinking back I can’t remember what drew me to this drama. Eric I know and he’s one hell of a smexy fellow. There’s also True Body dude from Cool Kiz on the Block…. Nah I can’t still remember lol!!

Infos –> AOHY MDL 

BTW this drama also has an element of supernatural in it. Another Oh Hae Young was pretty confusing, and I had to refrain from jumping into conclusions until the very last episode. Just when you think you’ve understood what happened, you are hit with another perspective of the story. AOHY explores the different issues that couples faces, and nope it’s not what you’re thinking. It takes an entirely different approach, you don’t have be selfless but you can’t shut yourself up either. Ego, pride, push & pull game, what and whatnot have to go, but of course it leaves you bare and vulnerable, and even stupid. OHY1 clearly shows that it’s possible, her character isn’t one of the best but she’s honest and straightforward. She’s got no time for merry-go-rounding. Also, you really don’t know what the future has in store for you (—> supernatural element and triggered unforeseen contingencies kicks in), hence if you like someone and the other person apparently likes/loves you there’s no point dilly-dallying. 

The starting point of our OTP, Do Kyeong (played by Eric) and OHY 1 came about due to one huge misunderstanding. This misunderstanding triggered several other misunderstandings ending up in a web of several misunderstandings. It would have been less complicated if it mainly involved just the both of them, but nope it involved other people; OHY2, fiance of OHY1 who ended up serving jail term, and some company issues. 

Acting wise the casts were FABULOUS, the dialogues, action, reactions flowed naturally. It didn’t look forced. Park Soo Kyeong played by Ye Ji Won was super!! One minute she’s playing the overbearing boss and in the next she’s dealing with her broken heart. The bromance between the male casts was pretty good. The chemistry between all the couples was really intense and I dare say contagious lol!

I won’t lie watching AOHY was like riding a roller coaster – one minute you’re laughing out loud and the next you’re want to pull out every single strand of hair from his mother’s head. YES I loathe that lady (yeah I know, K-dramas are incomplete without a mother from the pits of hell), but I enjoyed every bit of it. There were times I really wanted to spank some senses into our OTP…..I mean seriously, they were quite frustrating at times. OHY1 was already living happily, no longer living in the shadows of OHY2, but surprise surprise she comes back into her life AGAIN!! The poor girl almost lost it.

Enough of the rambling, it’s a fun, exciting, and quite realistic drama. You get to see several factors triggering different events which changes the course of the cast lives. BTW the OST is amazing!!! 


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