Happy Sunday #202

Image For The Week

Sarah Sarah Golish’s x “MOONDUST” series
Sarah Sarah Golish’s x “MOONDUST” series

Saying For The Week


—> Variety shows & Checklist

I’ve completed my drama challenge for the year!!! But that won’t stop me from watching more dramas 😀 😀 Suki na Hito ga iru Koto was so-so for me. I rated it 6.5 out of 10. The plot felt off, despite having food, romance, and secret birth themes. I wasn’t expecting a heavy plot, but it felt too watered down. When I started, I thought I would be torn between Kanata and Chiaki, but I wasn’t. When Chiaki decided to support Miss Boston he already lost his chance, then came Kanata. I liked his attitude, he was direct and straightforward, but he decided to ditch that character in the last ep. The love triangle in ep 9 was totally unnecessary imo. Anyway, if you want a drama to while away time or you’re a huge fan of Yamazaki Kento or Miura Shohei then you might want to give it a shot. My favourite character is Touma’s girlfriend. He’s so lucky to have such a caring, sweet and responsible girlfriend. I’m totally enjoying When A Snail Falls in Love, the story is picking up pace. I’m looking forward to Monday 😻😻 V-Focus is not far from home, I’m enjoying every bit of it, but I wonder how the plot will evolve. Mr Love-struck puppy isn’t making any actual move on Sweet potato sister unlike the progress made between Mr Bodyguard and Miss Exclusive news. The back story between Deputy GM and Miss Exclusive news is still unknown, and the same goes for Sweet Potato sister’s family business. 

I’m 4 months behind on Gag Concert lol!! So here I am trying to catch up – my favourite segments atm are – Please Go Away (Cute, Smart, and Luxury guy lol!), Can’t Take it Back, and Large Love. Yoo Ji Tae joined 2 Days 1 Night for Kim Junho Friends special; he’s so good and he’s not even trying hard to be funny lol!! He can totally join them as a permanent member hehehe! Gary’s last episode as a member of Running man aired last week, I will terribly miss him 😦 But of course I wish him all the best in his future projects. No Happy Together this week, blame it on Gag Concert 😋

If I knew Prisna (ปริศนา) by V. na Pramuanmarg (ว. ณ ประมวญมารค) would be this good, I would have read it as soon as I found it. Anyway it wasn’t too late. I thoroughly enjoyed it. I cried a bit in the last 2 chapters ^^ For more on it, I wrote a short review on Goodreads (-> side bar). I’m still reading Stewed Squid with Honey by Mo Bao Fei Bao and I should get back to Kaichou wa Maid-sama this week. I was taken by Prisna, other books were of little interest. 

Okay, now that I have completed all of my challenge, you did think I would put my energy into watching animes, but nope *smh* I’ve got some serious problems lol!!

#Internshiphappenings – I was busy doing data analysis on Excel and Graph pad, and also reading (more like studying) a 32 pages (excluding references) long review paper because I had to hand in a summary on it. I just sent it via email today, I wonder what the feedback will look like. The reading and writing totally knocked me out, there were some context I just couldn’t wrap around my head *sighs* I would probably receive a reply by Monday or Tuesday. Most of my colleagues were discussing the US election that is due in 3 days. Every one throwing in their 2 cents on the 2 popular candidates. For this week, I still have one more review paper to read and summarize *mental breakdown*, cell culture (back to in vitro experiments), and some other stuffs I don’t know about yet.

BTW, K-releases for September 2016 will be coming in late and in list format, no links to videos.

Song For The Week

It’s been a while that I listened to Planetshaker, Big from Planetshakers. My latest favourite, ENJOY!!!

Eye Candy For The Week

Take a guess……..

Taya Rogers!!!! She played Prissana in the 2000 ver. I have neither seen the first version nor the recent one, but I've read the book and in my humble opinion she totally nailed the character. She was also in Suea with Nike, but I'm yet to watch it.
Taya Rogers!!!! She played Prissana in the 2000 ver. I have neither seen the first version nor the recent one, but I’ve read the book and in my humble opinion she totally nailed the character. She was also in Suea with Nike, but I’m yet to watch it.

Have an awesome week!!!

P.S – “Although you might not exactly know what you want, but you should know what you don’t want” by AdeNike


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