K-Releases: September 2016 Albums!

Due to my schedule in the last couple of days, I’m going for the list format. You can copy paste the artist and title on YT or any other music search engine.

1. HALO (헤일로)

Mini Album – Happy Day


2. Red Velvet (레드벨벳)

Mini Album – Russian Roulette


3. Lim Chang Jung (임창정)



4. BTS (防弾少年団)

Youth – Japanese Album


5. IRON (아이언)

Rock Bottom


6. Swings (스윙스)

Mini Album – 감정기복 II Part. 3 : 심리치료 (Mood Swings II Part. 3: Psychotherapy)


7. 2PM

Gentlemen’s Game


8. DIA (다이아)

Mini Album – Spell


9. The Daisy (더 데이지)

Single Album – 멀어진다 (Far Away)


10. SunWoo Jung A (선우정아)

Mini Album – 4×4


11. Kwon Jinah (웃긴 밤)

Mini Album – 웃긴 밤 (One Strange Night)


12. Infinite (인피니트)

Mini Album – Infinite Only


13. Secret’s Song Ji Eun (송지은)

Mini Album – Bobby Doll


14. Superbee (슈퍼비)

Mini Album – My Life is 82 (0.5)


15. Jung Jin Woo (정진우)

Mini Album –  정진우 미니앨범 (In My Room)


16. Dickpunks’ Kim Tae Hyun (김태현 (딕펑스))

Mini Album – Born Again


17. Apink 

Pink Revolution


18. GOT7

Flight Log: Turbulence


19. Kanto (칸토)



20. Crayon Pop (크레용팝)

Evolution Pop_ Vol. 1


21. Hwayobi (화요비)



22. Lee Se Joon (이세준)

이세준 20주년 기념앨범


23. Dalshabet (달샤벳)

Mini Album – Fri. Sat. Sun


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