K-Releases: September 2016 Singles!

Due to my schedule in the last couple of weeks, this post is super late. Additionally, I’m going for the list format. You can copy paste the artist and title on YT or any other music search engine 🙂

1. Hitchhiker



2. Jay Park (박재범)

Me Like Yuh


3. Sugarbowl (슈가볼)



4. Brave Girls (브레이브걸스)

유후 – 우린 아직 여름


5. The Quiett

Beautiful Life II


6. Swings (스윙스)

Your Soul


7. Reddy (레디)

Ocean view


8. Mio (미오)



9. Kanto

요즈음 – 앨범 정보 (YOSM)


10. HiNi (하이니)

비오는 날은 푸르다


11. Bobby Moon (바비문)

Watch Out Feat. Super Junior’s Donghae, Cho Chanwoo (조찬우)


12. iKon’s Bobby

The MOBB – 꽐라


13. Ran (란)

사랑이 이런거 맞죠


14. Innovator (이노베이터)

Mom’s Favourite


15. Winner’s Mino 

The MOBB – 몸 (Body)


16. Gain (가인)

End Again


17. Punchnello (펀치넬로)



18. Dok2



19. KeeBomb (키밤)

Birthday Feat. Donutman


20. Crayon Pop (크레용팝)

부릉부릉 (Vroom vroom)


21. Kim Juna (김주나)

Summer Dream


22. Yoon Mirae (윤미래)

잠깐만 (JamCome on Baby)


23. MyunDo (면도)



24. Dorothy (도로시)

A Day_M – Purple Lips


25. Cha Min Young (차민영)

I Like You


26. Vromance (브로맨스)



27. Clazziquai Project (클래지콰이)



28. BTOB-Blue (비투비-블루)

내 곁에 서 있어줘


29. Mamamoo (마마무)

New York 


30. Lee Ye Joon (이예준)

Be MineSignature

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