Happy Sunday #203

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—> Checklist & Variety show

I’m back to watching Kara no Kyoukai movies. Kara no Kyoukai 5 – Mujun Rasen. I rated it 8 out of 10. It was pretty interesting, especially the fight scenes. It was kinda though-provoking also, but really what’s the point of finding the origin of human, paradox spiral, yin and yang, the reversal of this and that, and the collection of deaths. I personally think it’s of no use. Isn’t it better to just cherish your day-to-day life?! The way Araya went about it was just wrong, targeting families with problems, capitalizing on it, hence leading them to their death. Then making puppets using their brains and memories and making them relive the final day of their lives, every single day. I don’t understand….. I have one episode left for Fate/Zero season 1. I’m so freaking slow -_-  At this rate after F/Z, I might just stick with anime movies. Something from Ghilib studios might do the trick.

I have been including short recaps and reviews in Happy Sunday for a while now. Considering I’ve been watching currently airing dramas for a couple of weeks, I’ll try uploading posts on dramas I watch weekly. If it becomes too time consuming, I will revert back to short reviews. BTW in addition to When A Snail Falls in Love and V-Focus, I started both 1% and Woman With A Suitcase last week, AND they are really GOOD!!!! #Justsaying 😀 So far so good, I’m liking all 4 dramas!! It would be nice if Mr puppy got his act together and just ‘fess up to Sweet Potato sister (V-Focus). I am not counting the drunk-sleep-walking confession, no one would take that confession seriously. Oh oh Hye Joo, Golden Tree’s younger step-sis is such an ungrateful biaatch!! Golden Tree worked her ass to get her through college and she was the one who did ALL the darn work!!! *pissed*

I’m still in the middle of catching up with Gag Concert. There are new segments – Manga Teacher, Jang Star Entertainment, Despicable Train, and Movie Little Television. The best part in JSE is when the etiquette’s guy come on stage lol, and for Manga Teacher, I’m just like no-no-no, nevertheless I can’t hold my laughter hehehe! 2 Days 1 Night ep 148, JJY got invited into their chatroom hehehe!! Although he can’t physically be on the show, but I like how he pops up in their conversation and even sends in suggestions when they are shooting. 

#Internshiphappenings – The weather was something else. Due to the snowfall all the buses were taken off the streets, and some train-lines didn’t operate. However, after a day or 2 the transportation system returned back to normal. Nothing much happened last week – work as usual. There is going to be a lot of writing this week – discussion of the results I’ve gotten so far and introduction for my thesis.

Song For The Week

I met up with my sis today, and I was recounting some stuffs that have happened to me over the months and years. Whether I’m lucky or I have good fortune, whichever it is. I’m really grateful to God! I felt I should say it out loud ^_^, hence Thank You Lord by Don Moen. ENJOY!!!

Eye Candy For The Week

One of the main cast in the drama I’m currently watching *drum rolls*

Choi Ji Woo!!! I know she's a popular actress and all, but this is my first time watching her drama. She's plays the character Cha Geum Joo, a paralegal, who has always wanted to become an attorney, but due to her phobia for exams she failed the bar exam 5 times. I think she's doing an awesome job portraying that character. Plus we can't forget Joo Jin Mo, smexy as ever!
Choi Ji Woo!!! I know she’s a popular actress and all, but I have not been able to watch any project of her until recently WWAS. I personally think she’s doing an awesome job portraying her character, Cha Geum Joo. Plus we can’t forget Joo Jin Mo, smexy as ever!

Have an awesome week!!!

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