Weekly Drama Recap/Review #2 – V-Focus Eps 8-12

V-Focus releases an episode on Mondays-Fridays, each episode is 45 minutes long. One other wonderful thing is, the subbing team, The Bodyguards are freaking fast. The subs are ready and out in a timely fashion. The reviews will be for the 5 eps aired per week…..Let’s see how well this plays out.

We finally get the backstory on General Manager (Wen Li) and Miss Exclusive news (Ding Ruo Qin), I actually thought they were drag that out for a while. Apparently they both met at Home of Stars (the name reminded of Sky house from Cinderella and the Four Knights lol!), the Jiang family wanted to adopt her but she refused, so the family decided to sponsor her instead. After they both took the entrance exam, they made the promise to use V-Focus as a means to serve justice; while DRQ charges her way through like a bull, GM backs her up. 

DRQ has got a secret ‘admirer’, but looking at how this admirer is going about his intentions, it reeks of bad intentions. Asides from the admirer, there’s a motor bike dude lurking around her too; oh she’s also been receiving threat letters. Woow!!! She’s sure very popular lol. WL got to know about and put Krisis on her case. I think the ‘secret admirer’ and biker dude are the same person, and I suspect it’s Daniel. The dude DRQ and JZH met when they were stranded on the island. Even though she’s receiving all these negative attention, it didn’t deter her from looking for more exclusive stories. 

Our OTP gets into their first quarrel, DRQ was out to report a news on a hit and run accident, which killed the mother of girl. The victim happened to be someone DRQ knew, and that kinda broke her heart, because it reminded her of what she went through when she was kid. In an attempt to help Ke Xin (the daughter of the victim) understand that she has just lost her mum and she will never see her mum again, things didn’t turn out as expected. Ke Xin still in denial, started to sob and cry, the dumb cameraman DRQ brought along was filming all this; Mr Bodyguard saw all of this but he misunderstood her intentions and thought she intentionally tried to get some kind of reaction from the kid, film her and plans on airing it on TV. They got into a quarrel, anyway they broke up with each other. For the record it was DRQ who initiated the break up. 

Sweet Potato sister (Xin Yi) was out in the suburbs to interview the owner of an inn, and surprise! Surprise!! It turns out to be an ex of hers (such bad luck she has). But apparently she hadn’t run out of all her luck yet, because Puppy (Guo Long) was also lodging in the area. All that didn’t quell the feeling of misfortune she had, because one, she’s technically not married and the douchebag (ex), who cheated on her seems to be happily married and his wife is even pregnant (I felt so sorry for her). The ex didn’t seem to take the hint, he kept talking on how he felt so sorry and dejected  when he broke with her. He went on to recap how XY was crying; the dummy said all of this in the presence of her ‘husband’ and her admirer. Seriously!? I had no idea why he would do such a thing. Thanks to his big mouth he got a well-deserved over-the-shoulder throw from XY.

DRQ and Mr Bodyguard are still having their cold war, hence ZS is employing the use of his company for personal gain lol!! He took his boys out to babysit the kids at Home/House of Stars. He ‘ran’ into DRQ and got a peek into her childhood. In other to have a ‘civilized conversation’ (I need ZS to give me hi sown definition of ‘civilized conversation’), he threw her over his shoulder, and tied her up. That doesn’t look like a civilized conversation to me. Anyway they kinda patched things up, but DRQ wants to remain friends *headdesk*

GL & XY, I’m sure those two can do better than that. Their arc is moving pretty slowly in my opinion. I don’t think XY’s parents presence are helping either, it’s high time they left the ‘newly wed’ to their own. Of course that means, the end of the end of the charade between XY and GL. While JZH has been friendzoned by DRQ, GL has been brother-zoned by XY….. She also clearly stated that, she isn’t quite interested in younger men (second arrow lol!). Due to all these unintended stabs by XY, lover boy became pretty depressed; Ella caught wind of this (gosh that chic is so annoying) and of course she does what she knows how to do best – biatch about it to XY. XY pays a visit to GL, and told him she came to have lunch with him. Just for the record, it was at 10:30 am lol!! She also took him to an amusement park (their roles got switched lol) in an attempt to console him and help him to let go of the person he supposedly likes. Anyway it had the opposite effect; according to him, it made him fall in love with her all over again, and hence he has no plan of letting go of his feelings. Ep 12 ended with GL’s drunk love confession to XY.

One more important detail, the three of them finally meet – WL, JZH, and DRQ. But WL doesn’t know yet that JZH is romantically interested in DRQ. Anyway, I hope their friendship doesn’t go south because of JZH. Signature

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