K-Releases: October 2016 Debuts/Collabos/Projects!


1. Loona’s HeeJin (이달의 소녀 (희진)

I think the trend in the kpop industry this year is making some kind of project out of groups with large members. Loona a 12 member girl group signed under Blockberry Creative is on a project ‘This Month’s Girl’. In this project, a member from the group will make a debut each month. The first member on the queue is Hee Jin, and she makes her debut with ‘ViViD’


2. SF9

The newest addition to FNC Entertainment, home to FT Island and CN Blue, is SF9 short for Sensational Feeling 9. The group debuts with single album ‘Feeling Sensation’. Members include – In Seong, Young Bin, Jae Yoon, Da Won, Zu Ho, Ro Woon, Tae Yang,Hiw Young, and Cha Ni (maknae).


3. PENTAGON (펜타곤)

No bashing on Cube Entertainment, but considering the way they’ve been managing their artists/groups lately. I don’t think they should be debuting a new group. Anyway…. Pentagon is the newest group signed under Cube Entertainment. The group debuted with mini album ‘Pentagon’, and members include – Jinho, Hiúi (leader), Hong Seok, E’Dawn, Shin Won, Yeo One, Yan An, Yuto, Kino, and Woo Seok (maknae)


4. Oh!Bliss (오블리스)

Oh!Bliss debuts under JT Corea Entertainment with ‘바니바니 (Bunny Bunny)’. Members include – Roa, Mei, Yeon Joo (former member of EvoL), In Hwa, and Chung Lyn.


5. Bull-Dok (불독)

Bull-Dok another girl group make debut with members; So Ra, Genie, Kimi, Say, and Hyung Eun, signed with Kconic. The group’s first single album – ‘어때요’ (Why Not)



1. f(x)’s Amber & Luna (엠버, 루나)

SM Station – Heartbeat


2. Lee Hwi Jae X Lee Seo Eon X Lee Seo Joon (이휘재 , 이서언 , 이서준)

슈돌 삼인조 (Say Goodbye)


3. Jero X Dok2



4. Alesso X EXO’s Chen



5. Urban Zakapa’s Park Yong In X Yoo Jae Hwan (박용인 (어반 자카파), 유재환)

가을 타는 남자 (Riders to the Fall)


6. Hwang Chi Yeul X GFriend’s Eunha (황치열, 은하 (여자친구))

Fall, in Girl Vol.1 – 반딧불이 (Firefly)


7. Far East Movement X Marshmello

Freal Luv Feat. EXO’s Chanyeol, Tinashe


8. Henry X SISTAR’s Soyou (헨리, 소유)

SM Station – 우리 둘 (Runnin’)


9. Verbal Jint X Chancellor (버벌진트, 챈슬러)

Sunshine (Holyhood Present Vol.1)


10. I.M X Brother Su

마들렌 (Madeleine)


11. Yoon Jong Shin X Min Seo (윤종신, 민서)

처음 (First) – 2016 월간 윤종신 10월호 (Monthly Project 2016 October Yoon Jong Shin)


12. Jung Joon Il (정준일)

Happy Birthday To – #DearMuse #2016 #PinkRibbon


13. BoA X Beatburger

SM Station – Music is Wonderful


14. Mojo Project X Theories of Youth’s Jo Yung (모조 프로젝트, 조융 [청춘학개론])



15. Jessi X Tae Jin Ah (제시, 태진아)

삐빠빠룰라 ♡ 제시


16. BEG’s Miryo X GiantPink (미료, 자이언트핑크)

가위 바위 보 (Rock-Paper-Scissors)


17. Song Yu Vin X The Piano Guys (송유빈, 피아노 가이즈)



18. Yoon Do Hyun X G2 X Inlayer X Reddy X Johnny

SM Station – Nightmare


19. Oh Jong Hyuk X Rainbow’s Kim Ji Sook (오종혁, 김지숙 (레인보우))

시들어 (Love Fades)


20. Lovelyz’s Kei X The Solutions (러블리즈, 솔루션스)



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