Happy Sunday #205

Image For The Week

African art
African art

Saying For The Week


–> Variety shows & Check list

I had no idea the couple of Roommate season 2 eps were so freaking hilarious. The temple experience (ep 25) was just simply awesome!! The monk had to ask for time out so that they could laught. I found myself laughing so hard my tummy hurt lol!! The guests were pretty entertaining also. It’s so funny to see Lee Dong Wook when he’s coupled together with Ryohei & Joon, and Jackson & Youngji. One more thing – Joon Hyung and Jackson are golden!!  I had my weekly dose of Running Man, Happy Together, Gag Concert, and 2 Days 1 Night. 

1% of Something finished last week. I really enjoyed every bit of it, I rated it 9/10. Sadly we couldn’t see more of Hyun Jin & Tae Ha’s pairing, those 2 were really funny. I completed Plerng Naree last week also. I watched eps 1-9 with Eng subs and the last 3 eps raw. I rated the show 8 out of 10. The best scene for me; the first few minutes in ep 10. That scene was just freaking awesome; the bgm, and the look on Kanda’s face, when Risa confidently and majestically walked in as soon the person with the largest share and hence the new CEO. It was super satisfying. Until the last minute, the mother and daughter duo still didn’t learn from their stupidity. It’s interesting to see where foolish pride can lead some people to. I also had my weekly dose of When A Snail Falls In Love and V-Focus. Eps 14 & 15 of WASFIL was quite upsetting. I hope the next batch of eps will bring some good news to erase the unpleasantness of the previous eps. I’m slacking a bit on V-Focus, and that leaves me with 7 eps for this week. UPrince series – Badass Baker’s last episode will be uploaded on GMMtv this week, and the 5th part will be up by next week. 

#Internshiphappenings – I have another hotpot today lol!! BTW, I continued working on the in vitro part of my project last week. The results came out nicely, but they can be improved. So I guess I’m up for more repetitions. I’m also almost done with my PhD application, I would be submitting it in a couple of days *fingers crossed* 

Song For The Week

Newly released song of Zico – Bermuda Triangle Feat. Dean, Crush. ENJOY!!!

Eye Candy For The Week

I recently got to know more about this actress, she’s pretty knowledgeable.

Kim Hyun Joo!! A Korean actress, she was a guest on Roommate season 2. She cooked, arranged flowers, played the piano and guitar, sew pillow cases with a sewing machine that was lying around in the house, danced and beatboxed

Have an awesome week!!

P.S – “If you lose, don’t lose the lesson” – Dalai Lama


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