K-Releases: November 2016 Albums!!

Part 2….

31. Up10tion

Mini Album – Burst


32. SG Wannabe (SG워너비)

Mini Album – Our Days


33. Kim Gun Mo (김건모)

Mini Album – 50


34. Lee Bada (이바다)

Mini Album – Hype (No YT link available)


35. B1A4

Mini Album – Good Timing


36. KCM

Reflection of My Mind


37. 9 and Numbers (9와 숫자들)

수렴과 발산 (Solitude and Solidarity) (No YT link available)


38. An Ye Eun (안예은)

안예은 Vol.1 (An Ye Eun Vol.1) (No YT link available)


39. HaHa X Oh My Girl (하하, 오마이걸)

Mini Album – White (화이트) Feat. M.Tyson


40. Shinhwa (신화)

Mini Album – Unchanging Part.1


41. Jung Seung Hwan (정승환)

Mini Album – 목소리 (His Voice)


42. Yoon Han (윤한)

Loveless (teaser)


43. Chancellor (챈슬러)

My Full Name


44. Sechskies (젝스키스)

2016 Re-Album


45. AOA

Runway (Japanese) (teaser)


46. Han Yo Han (한요한)

Mini Album – 기타 멘 무사시


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