K-Releases: November 2016 Debuts/Collabos/Projects!


1. Victon (빅톤)

Victon is a 7-member boy group signed under Plan A Entertainment. Members include; Seung Woo, Seung Sik, Chan, Se Jun, Han Se, Byung Chan, and Su Bin. The group debuts with mini Album – Voice to New World.


2. Momoland (모모랜드)

A 7-member girl group signed under Duble Kick Company. Members include – Hye Bin, Yeon Woo, Jane, Na Yun, Joo E, Ah In, and Nancy. Momoland debuts ‘Welcome to Momoland’, a mini album.


3. Loona’s HyunJin (이달의 소녀 (현진))

Introduction of the 2nd member of Loona – HyunJin



1. Lim Seulong X Red Velvet’s Joy (슬옹, 조이)

이별을 배웠어 (Always in my Heart)


2. Boys24 (소년24)

E (both normal and Yellow unit version)


3. Yu Seung Woo X Yoo Yeon Jung (유승우 , 연정)

빈티지박스 Vol.2(Vintage Box Vol.2) – 내가 니편이 되어줄게


4. Dickpunks’ Kim Tae Hyun X Sunday (선데이 , 김태현(딕펑스))

SM Station – 보여 (Still)


5. Sool J X Ultima X Paul Kim (술제이, 폴킴 , 울티마)

널 떠올리는게 (Thinking of You)


6. Illionaire Records (Beenzino X Dok2 X The Quiett)

Illionaire Everyday


7. Assbrass X Taewan



8. Gong Kinam X Ko Dak (공기남 X 고닥)

그대의 편이 돼 줄게 Feat. 굿나잇스탠드 (No YT link available)


9. Car X The Garden (카더가든)

Gimme Love


10. Hee Chul X Min Kyung Hoon (희철, 민경훈)

SM Station – 나비잠 (Sweet Dreams)


11. SISTAR X Giorgio Moroder

One More Day


12. Hong Dae Kwang X Kisum (홍대광, 키썸)

힙알못 프로젝트 (What the Hiphop)


13. S.E.S

SM Station – Love (Story)


14. Namolla Family (나몰라패밀리)

나몰라패밀리 10th (Namolla Family 10th)


15. Juniel X Jo Yung

어느 별에서 왔니 (Dalkkom Day)


16. Yoon Jong Shin X Minseo (윤종신 , 민서)

2016 월간 윤종신 11월호 – 널 사랑한 너 (2016 Monthly Project November)


17. Sunnyside’s MJ X Gaeum ((써니사이드) , 가음)

로켓탄콜라보 Vol.13 (Rocketan Collabo Vol.13) – 상처 주려는게 아니야


18. Hwang Chi Yeul X Mamamoo’s Solar (황치열, 솔라 (마마무))

Fall, in Girl Vol.2 – 꿀이 떨어져 (Mellow)


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