Weekly Drama Recap/Review #3 – When A Snail Falls In Love Eps 10-12

This week’s eps was all about unraveling who the real murderer of Ye Zixi and connecting the dots between Jiahe market and Ye Corporation.

During the investigation, I couldn’t just believe any member of that family. They were all behaving waay too suspicious. After the whole pieces were re-arranged and fitted together, the real killer wasn’t even a member of the family. Which brings us to the question – what actually went down that night?

They all had different roles – Back-stabber Shiyoug probably tipped of  self-proclaimed murderer Ziqiang about the deal Zixi struck with his father and ‘unintentionally’ gave Ziqiang her home address. On getting there Ziqiang got into a brawl with Zixi, she claimed his father killed her dad and her only goal is revenge, i.e ruining the family company. Ziqiang pushes her, that explains her falling from the first floor. Real murderer-janitor, their father’s PA comes in, surveys the situation, checks Zixi’s pulse and declares her dead BUT she was actually STILL alive!! He calms Ziqiang and tells him he would take care of everything. Ziqiang leaves the scene quickly leaving the PA behind. Apparently PA was pretty well prepared, he got all dressed up – gloves, shoe covers, a black long work jacket, a hat, cleaning detergents and equipment. Anyway, he did not only stab her with the blades, he even injected her with her meds to decrease her internal temperature, hence tampering with her time of death. He cleaned everywhere sparkling clean. As Mr-meticulous-murderer was leaving, ‘detective’ Ye Qiao saw a car drive off, she steps into her cousin’s villa saw the mess and took to her heels.  In other to confirm/ascertain who the murderer could be she texted Shiyong with Zixi’s phone (if he was the murderer, who wouldn’t dare show up but he did). Back-stabber Shiyong arrives at the scene, scared shitless he clears his stuff from her place in a rush, and he covered Zixi with the blanket and disappeared as fast as he could. Detective Ye Qiao observes all of these, then she informs the police (Ji Bai), discarded Zixi’s phone and resolved to protect her brother because she came to the conclusion that it must have been him who killed Zixi. The rest of the story – the arrival of the police force and subsequent investigations.

In the previous recap, I mentioned how emotionless they were about Zixi’s death. Well I was wrong, they actually mourned her in their own way that night except for PA and their father Ye Lanquan. Well their dad had no idea what went down that evening to begin with.

With the mystery unravelled, both Lanquan’s kids locked away, and an arrest warrant issued for PA; Ye corporation’s crashing was definitely inevitable. So Lanquan went all out, he uncovered some disturbing issues. Ye Corporation’s logo and a supposedly closed storage site were being used to store and smuggle drugs out of the country. The person who permitted the shipments was no other person than his trusted PA. BTW, the PA has also vanished into thin air. I won’t be surprised if it was the PA who killed Zixi’s father. I really want to know why he went such lengths. Stabbing her with a blade was enough to kill her, but he freaking used FIVE blades!

After making the connection between the human trafficking market and Ye Corporation, the special force unit set out to lay a trap for ‘old master’. They struck a deal with Guan Nan, the dude they arrested in an earlier episode. He is also well connected to Jiahe market. Before the plan was put into motion, Yao Meng and team leader (Zhao Han) were paired together to observe the activities of Jiahe. After the survey, Yao Meng was chosen as the bait, Guan Nan will introduce her to the ‘middle man’, and they will try to sell her to ‘old master’. Zhao Han was definitely not happy with the arrangement.

OTP moments -JB wrapped his jacket around Xuxu, but she told him to take his jacket back, because she doesn’t like wearing other people’s clothes. During the arrest of Ziqiang, he tried escaping and inflicted a knife injury on Ji Bai when Ji Bai was protecting Xuxu. Of course Xuxu helped him take care of his wound. Xuxu is still nursing Ji Bai lol! She went as far as bringing dinner and tea she brewed herself to Ji Bai’s home. She then brought up the case, and Ji Bai then thought she was buttering up to him by coming to his place with food and such. The look on his face was priceless when she told him, he was wrong and that she had no special reason. Our snail is no longer scared of the lion hehehe!! When they were both paired up, Ji Bai gets to witness the weird snail from another planet blush lol! He asked her why she was red, and she was like, he’s standing too close her and they are both male and female lol! The reason not plausible at all

Second OTP moments – During the scouting mission, YM & ZH acted like pretend lovers. They looked really cute and good day. Zhao Han bought Yao Meng a weird looking piglet hehehe!

P.S – the recaps/reviews won’t be posted as intended. I though I could post them as they air, but unfortunately that won’t be possible 😦


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