Weekly Drama Recap/Review #4 – V-Focus Eps 13-17

Sooory for the long wait...
Sooory for the long wait…

The cat is out of the bag this week, and it didn’t come out in a nice way. A layer of Jiang Zhi Heng (JZH) was also uncovered, it happens to be a  pretty deep layer. Finally, finally Xin Yi’s (XY) parents head back to their own place. BTW a new and cute character was introduced this week. Okay, I don’t know about anyone else, but I personally I’ve had enough of Ella. That chic has got to lay off, her reason for her stupid antics isn’t even reason enough. If she was that pissed, she should have just left that department of V-Focus all together. One more thing, Zi Kai did a better job at confessing his feelings than Guo Long (GL) ever did in the last 17 eps imo.


I’m going to take this week’s recap/review episode by episode.

Ep 13: Confessions of a drunk

This episode picks up from where the previous ep ended. Thanks to the ‘men talk’ GL had with XY’s dad, he ended up in a drunken state after one shot. The responsibility fell on XY to carry him into the room. All of a sudden he started up from the bed in a dizzy state and tottered towards XY, XY was startled, but she thought he was sleep-walking as usual and was about to help him back to the bed, when he pinned her to the door of the clothe-closet and started rambling on how he likes a certain person since childhood. Although XY was in shock during his confession, she quickly dismissed it as him sleep-talking and in a bid to get him back to the bed, she flipped him over her shoulder on to the bed lol!!

Over at JZH’s place, DRQ is making a mess just to irritate JZH and that way he would kick her out of his place. Her pranks came back to haunt her *face palm* While she’s busy being all restless and silly, JZH is investigating who might want to hurt her.

XY’s dad finally accepts him, and even permits GL to call him ‘dad’. We can safely say that they’ve finally established a father-in-law-son-in-law relationship.

Ep 14: Love blossoms?

GL tries to prove himself one more time. He agrees to ‘cook’ dinner. I personally wouldn’t call that cooking, he measured every ingredient to the last milligram. His cooking included; beakers, test tubes, balance, and bunsen burner. Surprisingly it turned out to be delicious, I’m still skeptical about that way of cooking though lol!!

JZH puts DRQ’s built up energy to use before she does something ridiculous. He thought her self-defense, and of course she just had to slip. She slips and their lips touch. I’m most definitely not calling it a kiss, I’ve seen some terrible touch-lips scene, and this definitely makes it to the top 5. I understand they are suppose to freeze because they’re acting shocked, but the whole scene just looked wrong on several levels. BTW they had to show that scene to KK lol!


XY’s parents makes their date of departure known. XY is ecstatic with relief, while on the other hand GL is sad. With her parents leaving, that temporarily ends their fake marriage charade, and he has to move out of her place. Most disappointing is, he’s still yet to make a proper move on her. On dropping her at work on the morning her parents broke the news of their departure in a couple of days, he drove her extremely slowly to work; it’s just ridiculous. He decided to give his confession another go, the moment felt right and he actually said the phrase ‘I like you’, but the phrase barely sunk in before Ella strutted towards them. I so wanted to gag her mouth. XY didn’t think too much of the confession, because she thought he was probably practicing the confession he would make to the girl he likes with her, hence another failed confession.

Ep 15: Cat out of the bag!

I really want to throttle someone….. Seriously Ella!!??

Surprisingly DRQ and KK forges a peaceful co-existence lol!! KK is really so cute; from her cute gestures and her endless curiosity about humans. She’s been asking DRQ several questions; ‘do peanuts make humans sad?’, ‘what makes someone interesting?’ and such for her observation of human emotions.


XY gave an interview job to both Ella and Zi Kai. While getting to it, Ella saw GL. However the person talking to him didn’t call him ‘Wu Jian Ye’, but by ‘Ke Guo Long’ instead. Wu Jian Ye is the name of the supposed faceless runaway groom of XY and that’s what XY has been calling GL in the presence of her parents and co-workers. To the nosy b**** this was exclusive news. Ella went ahead to have a ‘chat’ with the person GL was talking to and from this person she extracted some juicy stories. She returned back to the office all smiles and with a plan to expose XY’s fake marriage. She proposed the whole office throws XY a pre-birthday party, XY rejects the proposal but with the other co-workers echoing Ella’s proposal she gave in. Ella isn’t finished yet, she also implied how good it would be if ‘her husband’ came since they haven’t had the opportunity of meeting him one-on-one after her marriage. At this point, I was close to literally gagging that chic’s mouth. There’s sure no end to her hateful jabs towards XY. Anyway, the die has been cast and there’s no turning back.

DRQ got wind of the fact that the guest room she’s occupying had a camera. She got pissed at JZH calling him a pervert and won’t talk to him. JZH tries pacifying her, telling her all the footages of her in that room had been deleted. For confirmation she asks KK , KK affirms, but went on to reveal that the kiss scenes were still available. KK is too honest lol!! DRQ received a phone call about the pre-birthday party, she jumped at the invitation thinking she would be able to get JZH off her back for some hours. The plan failed, he said he will come with her. Before heading off to the venue, she makes a stop at V-Focus to retrieve her gift for XY. JZH sees samples of gunpowder, took some of it for analysis.

The party already begun, XY shouldn’t have let her guard down. Anywho Ella waited for the right moment and out of nowhere shouted GL’s real name and the dummy answered. Of course that’s his name, but he’s with XY’s coworkers, who the heck there knows his real name? As if that’s not enough shock. Unbeknownst to GL, the thing (I’m trying to exercise some self-control here) also invited the person he was talking to earlier in the day. The dude had no idea what was going on, he just strolled to GL, calling him by his real name and genuinely asked why GL didn’t invite him to his wedding. With that question, everyone stopped what they were doing, and exchanged looks with one another before they all turned with questioning stares to XY. All the while GL couldn’t even provide a reasonable answer to the questions posed by his friend, he was also looking as shocked as everyone. Very helpful GL -_-  He needs to learn how to think on his feet. So many answers were going through my head – “I have two names; one is my real name and the other is akin to a pen name as an inventor”, he could also tell the dude that everything happened in a rush and he couldn’t contact him. Well my reasons might be lame, but its better than just standing there and not uttering a single explanation.

V-Focus ep 14

XY had no other option but to come clean. As she started explaining, her voice cracked and tears were streaming down her face. She said it was all pretense; the groom vanished on the wedding day, GL came along and since she didn’t want to be a laughing stock she asked him to stand in for the real WJY. Right in the middle of her apology, GL started rambling on how the marriage is real and that he really likes her. Imo that just made her look even more pathetic. Anyway she cut him off, and told him he didn’t have to keep the pretense up anymore. She apologised once again for deceiving them, promised to return their red envelopes and ran out of the bar in tears. Party comes to an end, before the celebration even started. GL runs after her and that damn thing had a smug on her face. I was freaking pissed!! I get XY is sensitive, but she needs to have some confidence in herself. This matter concerns her, so what if she changed her fiance in the last minute?! She’s the one married to him not them, they are not even close to her. The only problem I see here is the fact that she didn’t return their money.

DRQ and JZH came in minutes after XY and GL left. She saw how gloomy the atmosphere was, inquired about what happened. I wished she came in earlier, that way there would have been someone to wipe that smug off that brat’s face. Apparently JZH dragged her out before she ripped Ella apart (the scene wasn’t showed but implied by JZH, when they returned to his place). I wished they showed us that at least.


GL followed XY at a distance, they kept walking and walking around the neighbourhood. GL pleaded with her to hit him at least, since he was the cause. After a long deliberation, she made up her mind to tell her parents the truth. On arriving back in her place, she was going to spill the beans to her parents, but GL interfered and hence she couldn’t tell them.

DRQ asked for the permission to go somewhere alone before attending XY’s birthday party that will be organised by her parents. JZH rejected the request without hesitation. Apparently DRQ was desperate to go to this certain place alone, she ran away from his place and even took KK along lol! No idea if that was a sensible move or not lol!

V-Focus ep 15


Ep 16: Borrowed Parents…..Wedding Phootshoot 2

V-Focus ep 15

Continuing straight off from where ep 15, DRQ is bawling her eyes out by her parents grave. She gave them the report for the year – her exclusive news adventures, confrontations with Ming Lei, and her ex-boyfriend (JZH). JZH found her thanks to the GPS in KK; he arrived just in time to hear her report to her parents. To cover up her sobbing, she started munching on a sachet of spicy peanut. Unable to bear the whole scene, JZH went up to her. She explained the peanuts were very spicy, hence her tears. JZH didn’t contradict her, he just tore open the other sachet of spicy peanuts and joined her. When they returned back to his place, they chugged down bottles of water to lessen the spiciness. Apparently, DRQ’s parents’ death anniversary is the same day as XY’s birthday, 11th of Nov, but XY has no idea. She tells JZH to keep it a secret from XY and her parents. Typically, DRQ spends the day by first visiting her parents’ tombs, then heads off to XY’s place to attend the birthday party XY’s parents throw every year. There she totally treats XY’s parents like hers, behaving all spoilt and silly. One would think, she’s the youngest daughter of the family.

V-Focus ep 16
More pictures at the end of the post……

After the birthday party event, GL wanted to give XY a ride to work as usual, but XY declined the offer. On her arrival in the office, most of her workers gave her the cold shoulder. Pffft, I wonder what’s the point of that. Back to the story, Ella still felt the need to throw jabs at XY *roll eyes*

GL was getting restless because XY wasn’t replying his messages. He dressed in an animal costume and went to V-Focus. BTW the idea came from DRQ lol! GL in animal costume bumped into XY by the toilet. To hide away from Ella and another co-worker coming their way, they both hid in one of the toilet’s cubicles. Ella chose this time to enlighten us and the new co-worker why she has so much hatred for XY.

Story time – She used to be a pretty motivated reporter (moi don’t believe it), but after spending weeks on writing a good report (that’s what she thought). XY didn’t want her (Ella) to outshine, hence she took down Ella’s report. All of these was just Ella’s wild imagination. Yup I know, I don’t give a 2 cent about her explanation. Both XY and GL heard her story. GL almost got out to contradict Ella’s story, good thing XY held him back. XY’s side of the story, apparently Ella used to be a passionate reporter, and her report was actually okay, but the restaurant owner didn’t like the report and said she was going to sue them if that report went on air. The restaurant owner’s reasons were ridiculous, but there’s nothing they could do but take out her report. The restaurant owner even wanted Ella’s dismissal.

Birthday party round 2, JZH followed DRQ. He witnessed firsthand DRQ’s behaviour around XY’s parents. If he didn’t know her parents were dead and didn’t see the grave-visiting scene, he wouldn’t have known that she was borrowing XY’s parents since they give off similar feeling as her dead parents. Gift exchange; DRQ’s gift to XY is a sexy lacy pink and black lingerie, and GL’s gift is a wrist watch with a special button function. If she’s in urgent need of his help, all she has to do is to press the button for 3 seconds and he would be at her location in the shortest possible time. XY also gave him a gift, a robot. The robot was actually the first robot GL invented. Of course XY doesn’t know that, she bought it because the robot reminded her of him.

DRQ's b'day gift
DRQ’s gift 😀
GL's gift - SOS self-customized wrist watch
GL’s gift – SOS self-customized wrist watch.
From her to him
From her to him!

XY’s dad got suspicious of the wedding picture she took with the real WJY. Seriously, who takes such a ridiculous picture?! Her parents couldn’t stand seeing such a wedding picture, so they thought of a meaningful birthday gift; TADAH! Another round of wedding pictures. Her parents kinda tricked her into going to the studio with GL lol! The pictures look really good and adorable, they looked like a couple in love.

So schweeet!! More at the bottom!!
So schweeet!! More at the bottom!!

Ep 17: Got Stumped?!

The biker dude is still on the lookout for DRQ. There was a sudden fire alarm at V-Focus, and everyone had to evacuate the building. It reeked of set up, and I was right. As soon as everyone hurriedly evacuated the office, some mysterious person walked in. The person happened to be biker dude. He ransacked DRQ’s desk, and drawers, but to no avail.

V-Focus ep 17

DRQ finally escapes house arrest lol!! JZH took her fishing. Oh BTW JZH still strongly expresses his desire to get back together with her, but she’s strongly against the idea. She received a shock that morning, as she stepped out of the guest room; she saw JZH’s tv still on and was going to switch it off when she had some mumbling. She cautiously stepped closer to his bed, and she realised he was sleep-talking;

“- Why, why didn’t you save her?

– Please, please, please save her.


– Why?

– Please”

He was desperately begging someone to save a ‘her’. DRQ wanted to wake up but before she could even touch him, he flung her on top of the bed and was strangling her (O.o). He finally got hold of himself, and released his hands from her neck. Even as a viewer, I was so shocked. Although DRQ was shocked, she plucked up the courage to ask him what the matter was. He evaded her questions….. Way to go bruh, you throttle someone but give no reasonable explanation -_-

V-Focus ep 17

Damn scary shit to experience in the morning!
Damn scary shit to experience in the morning!

At the fishing site, when he wouldn’t stop hitting on her. She re-inquired about what happened in the morning. He replied saying it’s nothing but occupational instinct, then went on to say it’s a sleeping disorder. In short, he doesn’t plan on divulging not even the slightest piece of info on the issue. DRQ saw that this discussion was heading to nowhere, she gave him her 2 cents. She said, she doesn’t want to date him again just to end up breaking up with him because of a misunderstanding that could have been cleared if she (they) knew about it earlier on. She also went on to say, she’s afraid if that happens, they won’t even be able to stay as friends. That rendered JZH speechless.

V-Focus ep 17

Zi Kai gets the spotlight. His trousers got ripped and XY helped him to personally stitch it with her own hands. He got cornered by Ella into saying his feelings for XY out loud. After realising his slip, he ran out of the office without his trousers. Poor him lol! To set things straight, XY went looking for him. ZK started to confess his feelings, but XY interrupted him like she does when GL tries telling her his feelings BUT ZK stopped her before she continued. He convincingly and emphatically told her what he felt for her. XY then also in a careful manner told him, he’s nothing to her but a younger brother and a co-worker and she’s playing his big sister, and most importantly she has no interest in dating someone younger than her. She left him and on her way back, she saw GL dejectedly seated with a bouquet of flower in his hands.

From the looks of things, GL overheard her harsh and straight-to-the-point rejection of ZK’s confession. That totally shock the hell out of him lol! GL asks XY what she would do if ZK persists. She replied in a carefree manner that she would either change her work partner, and keep her distance from him until he comes to terms with her rejection. GL’s facial interaction during the conversation was just too funny. I can’t believe XY didn’t read anything to them. XY finally remembers to ask him his purpose for dropping by, GL almost said the words ‘to confess’, but he caught himself in the last minute and said he wanted to ask her out for a meal. She also asked about the bouquet, he lied about that also lol! Anyway his plan to confess his feelings didn’t happen.

V-Focus ep 17

GL reported to Jia Rui about the turn of events. JR wasn’t that surprised lol! Actually, it was JR who advised GL to take the bull by its horns because he wanted XY to reject him, maybe that way GL would come back to senses hehehe!!  When GL got wind of it, he kept pouting until JR apologised.

Work for Krisis. V-Focus employs Krisis to see to the zero security the company has. Just about anyone can enter the building and offices unnoticed. It’s a surprise nothing bad has happened to a reporter, considering the candid news they report.

And with this we come to the end of this week’s recap/review….. gallery 2 paragraphs away.

P.S – I wouldn’t mind a love line between Wen Li and Jia Rui, just saying XDD Also I so like JR, he pretends he doesn’t know sh*t but he’s such a manipulator lol!!

P.P.S – Summary in pictures…..kinda. I took tons (exaggeration) of screenshots, enjoy them lol!

Family b’day party


Hug series


Zi Kai’s confession and GL’s persuasion (both of which failed lol)




Wedding photoshoot, the best scene in ep 16




LOL @ Jia Rui’s statement hehehe

The other eps will take a while. I don’t think I will be posting any till the 3rd week of January. Until then, ciao!


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