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—-> Checklist & Variety shows

Another book added to my read-list, Art of War by Sun Tzu. The version I read had notes from critics and interpretations from other scholars, that made the book easy to understand. Some references were made to old Chinese military book, some of which I did like to read myself. It’s definitely one of those books one has to re-read again and again.

I did it again, I already decided not to start another book until January. I just had to take a peek at Gu Fang Bu Zi Shang, and before I knew what hit me I was almost done with the first volume. So far so good, it’s a really interesting novel. What even made it more exciting to read, was the war strategies. Feng Nong must have read some books on the art of war or something similar. Since I just recently read Art of the War, I could totally make sense of their plans and it was exciting to plot and counter-plot with the characters. Anyway, it’s on hold at the moment, everything will be good as long as I finish it before General and I gets subbed hehehe!

My weekly dose of Korean variety shows – Running Man ep 330; this episode totally knocked me out! The Q&A part was totally hilarious hahaha!! Happy Together ep 478 – Stories of Married Couples; this ep of HT also totally knocked me out. The married female guests were really funny. I kinda pity the male guests though lol!! The females were entertaining, but some of their comments were pretty selfish. I mean they can fangirl over actors and kpop idols, but their husbands aren’t allowed to fanboy over female idol groups. The reason they gave is because, they have more self-control than the men. Ahem…… pfft lol! 2 Days 1 Night ep 154 – Flower Boys Camp; the guests for this ep were Hwarang casts – Park Seo Jun, SHINee’s Choi Min Ho, and ZE:A’s Park Hyung Sik. Poor Park Seo Jun, they totally picked on him, so unfair hahahha!!! Within 15 minutes of appearing of being introduced he was ranked the ugliest among the cast hehehe. From the preview for this week’s ep, he’s going to even have it harder lol!! The gondola restaurant part was really funny!! Team Chef’s cuisine almost passed out from anxiety hahahha, the chef wonderfully took his sweet time in decorating each meal, however they only had 15 minutes for lunch hehehe!! Team high-protein-healthy-lunch for men didn’t even stand a chance. They just gave up and filled their stomachs with water instead. The lucky teams were – teams lunch-in-a-tray, and Asian delicacy. Lastly, Gag Concert ep 875  – I saw a couple of new segments. I can’t remember their titles at the moment, but most of them were pretty good and relaxing as always.

Dramas!!! – I finished One More Happy Ending early last week, I rated it 8. I could have rated it higher, but divorcee spent waay tooo much time crying, and that began to grate on my nerves. The writer could have just allocated more scenes to the other friends while she pulls herself together. I still do recommend OMHE though. The sisromance was down-to-earth and honest; they didn’t hold back when advising each other. The bromance between the male characters was also okay. The plot for each friend was realistic imo; the divorcee who still believes in love, the newly married who couldn’t come to terms with her new status and is still kinda stuck in an idol days, the married one with some serious marriage issues  ranging from pregnancy to post pregnancy issues which threatened to tear down her marriage, and lastly the single; she wants to get married. She doesn’t care if she ends up divorcing, she just want to experience getting married before she’s totally out of the market. Actually, she just needed love. Both in their idols days and in the present, she was/is the least attractive, and hence she’s quickly forgotten. In short, it’s a cute rom-com depicting the lives of 34 year old female ex-idols post their disbandment. Do give it a shot ^^ I’m looking forward to Behind Your Smile ep 7. It’s not because I’m excited for the show, but the pace of the drama might pick up in ep 7. 

#Internshiphappenings – I ditched the cruise trip for Christmas table and lithography museum. It was an excellent decision, no regret whatsoever!!! I learnt quite a lot from the museum, it was nice to see firsthand how pictures were made from stones and plates. There was a lot to eat at the Christmas table!!! I thought I would be able to taste bits of every dish prepared, nah it didn’t happen. Maybe if I had more time to digest and make room for other dishes, just maybe I would have been able to eat more lol!! My colleagues and I had so much fun on our table; eating, chatting and poking fun. I was finally able to help another colleague with the knowledge I I acquired during the course of this internship. It gave me a good feeling. It was like, I was finally understanding how some things work. I will be in Göteborg next weekend *happy dance* I’m looking forward to it XDD 

BTW I’ve been slacking off on Tumblr, there are so many stuffs I’m hoarding on my phone that I should post. There will be series of pictures and clips posted on there this week. 

Song For The Week

A Swedish Christmas carol – Julen är Här (Christmas is Here) by Sissel Kyrkjebø & Tommy Körberg, ENJOY!!!

Eye Candy For The Week

A friend shared a nostalgic clip on FB

BACKSTREETBOYZ!!!!!! They are just freaking awesome!!
BACKSTREET BOYS!!!!!! They are just freaking awesome!!!

Have an awesome Christmas day and a week!!

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