2016 in Review – Top Picks

Gosh a lot of things happened this year; personally (internship experience, sudden PhD program offer……), in the entertainment industry (death of iconic celebs – Por Tridsadee Sahawong, George Michael, David Bowie, Alan Rickman; Celine Dion’s husband Rene Angelil, Carrie Fischer, and many others) and on the foreign scene (Brexit, Austrian election, Trump vs. Hilary US election, Aleppo – THIS is really upsetting!!! Millions have been rendered homeless, and most of this people are people who had such wonderful lives, but everything is in ruins now. Dakota pipeline protest, Black lives matter campaign, South Korean political chaos, terrorist attacks……). RIP to all the innocent lives that were lost this year.

On to more cheerful topics!!!

Thanks to my friends over at The Dramatards for the Triathlon challenge, I had another interesting year of drama/movie/anime watching. 

  • Dramas 56/50
  • Animes 20/20
  • Comics 33/20
  • Movies 83/50

Variety shows

The best variety show for me this year has got to be 2 Days 1 Night season 3, followed by Happy Together. I still love Running Man though, but some of the episodes either appear too scripted or just fell flat imo. Happy Together’s turning point was the new set and more diverse guests. Anyway, 2 Days 1 Night S3 totally slays!!!!

I just love this cast ❤ ❤ It would be nice to see both gutaeng hyung and JJY on the show next year!
I just love this cast ❤ ❤ It would be so much joy to see both gutaeng hyung and JJY pop in the show next year!!
Hahahaha!!! How can one not love them?!
How can one not love them?! Hahaha!!


I have decided how to spice up my drama challenge for next year. I will go by countries. I will pledge the numbers of dramas I will watch for each country. Why go by countries? I realised I watched thrice as much Lakorn as K-dramas; 30 Lakorns, 10 Kdramas, 10 Japanese-, 5 Chinese- and 1 Hong Kong dramas. The number of Lakorns I watched was totally unexpected, but then again this year I was quite busy working on subbing projects, and Thanks to GMMtv, they uploaded most of their youth-targeted series on their official YT channel with Eng subs. I also watched a lot of Lakorn series – Ugly Duckling series (4 series), Secret Love series (3 series), 4 Hearts of the Mountain (4 series, but I already watched the first part 2 years ago), Mafia Luerd Mungkorn series (5 series), and I’m currently watching UPrince series (8 series, currently on the 5th part).

Below are shows I totally recommend!!!


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Japanese drama

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K-drama – The kid in Marriage Contract will be a star, her acting was just freaking good. Signal was just simply mind-blowing!!

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Chinese drama – The Disguiser was just fabulous!!!

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‘Where to Invade Next’ was such an eye opener and imo it made a lot of sense. Any country can learn one or two things from it. 


I pledged to read 50 books on Goodreads, and successfully read 53 ^_^ Well this year, I read more of comics/webtoons XDD. Below are the books that made this year’s reading challenge worthwhile! You can find my reviews on some of them on Goodreads. 

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No lie, with each passing year my interest is waning. However, I was able to add 20 animes to my watched-list. Kara no Kyoukai franchise made an impression, and Tokyo Godfathers is a really good Christmas anime movie.

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From me to you

Next year will be a big year for me – getting my MA degree, then probably a PhD position among other things. So my hands will be pretty full, but imma try my best to keep up with the postings – Happy Sunday, monthly K-Releases, reviews/recaps, and any other interesting post. I wish everyone a wonderful, exciting, successful, prosperous, and blissful 2017, and most of all good health!!!!


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