Happy Sunday #210

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That's one of my goals for the year 2017!! Happy New Year!
That’s one of my goals for the year 2017!!


—> Variety shows

By the time this post gets released, I will be somewhere between Göteborg and Stockholm on my way back from Göteborg from an exciting weekend I hope ^_^

Turkish dramas!! I don’t know jack about them except for Kiralık Aşk aka Love For Rent. I suddenly caught the fever some days ago lol! For the record Turkish isn’t one of the languages I remotely understand. After watching tens of Eng subbed cuts from several episodes on YT, I was able to get the rough gist. To cut the long story short, I’m waiting for ep 67 hehehe! 

Happy Together ep 479 was such a nice way to wrap up for the year. The funniest/best guests were brought for this ep. The episode started with the set for ‘One meme is worth a thousand words’, poor Kian84 had little to contribute to this ep especially during the talk sessions, but he correctly guessed the first meme drawn by Fiestar’s Cao Lu, and occasionally drew. Well, the production team granted him his wish of making his segment the beginning of the episode but Kian84 said, it’s better if he comes later instead of starting the show with the rest of the fixed members. This episode was pretty funny and interactive! The subtle shade they keep throwing at Park Geun Hye during ‘Young President’ skit on Gag concert though lol. ‘The Escape’ skit is really funny, I wonder how Lee Sang Hoon comes up with his own part. Oh my goodness the losers of ‘Flowery Men-Leaping’ game on 2 Days 1 Night ep 155 had to take a dive into the lake in such a freezing weather lol!! Of course Park Seo Jun wasn’t exempted from that fate hahaha! Minho avenged Hyungsik, but Junho pushed him into the water after Jongmin’s persuasion lol!! When fixed members starts complaining about a sleeping option, you know it ain’t funny. ‘Flowery Men Dance Box’ game, a game of luck was played to decide which team (Team Ugly vs. Team Hwarang) sleeps in a tent on a floating raft. This ep is super hilarious!!! Seo Jun has some serious bad luck XDD I don’t mind the PD recruiting Seo Jun as a fixed member hehehe! After watching Running Man ep 331 especially the ‘Answer-guessing’ game, where 5 personal questions were given to HaHa and other members had to match their answers to his. I really don’t care if the show ends, because it won’t affect the bond they’ve forged in the last 7 years AND that is more important to me than a show. The basket of apples and the apology letter, well played. Sorry but I don’t give a sh*t about it, it can’t and won’t change my opinion on such a lousy PD or whosoever it is that calls the shot on RM. RM ep 331 was really funny though; the black box punishment is no joke lol! The pranks they pulled on each other was pretty intense and random XDD Poor big-nosed brothe simply has no luck whatsoever hehehehe!!! Lee Kwang Soo receiving the Top Excellence award as a member of Running Man at SBS Entertainment award was such a nice wrap up for the show. Although is speech was short, it was really touching and heartwarming, you can find it at the bottom of the post^^

#Internshiphappenings – the office was pretty quiet, most people were away for holiday. 

Song For The Week

This is such a beautiful song – Powerful by Jussie Smollett and Alicia Keys, from the American Tv show Empire. ENJOY!!!

Eye Candy For The Week

I’ve been totally taken by this actor, but I’m a generous person XDD

Barış Arduç!!! He plays Ömer in Kiralık Aşk, the lead male character. I think the character was made for him lol!
Barış Arduç!!! He plays Ömer in Kiralık Aşk, the lead male character. I think the character was made for him lol!

Have an awesome week and new year!!!

P.S – 

Don't forget that!!!
Don’t forget that!!! 

P.P.S – Lee Kwang Soo’s speech


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