Happy Sunday #211

Image For The Week

Crested Brutte, Colorado by Joel Colorado
Crested Brutte, Colorado by Joel Colorado

Saying For The Week


—> Variety shows & Check list

My game plan for this year looks thus;

Books/Comics – 1/60

Movies – 1/50

Animes – 0/10

K-drama – 0/15
J-drama – 0/15
CH-drama – 0/10
TW-drama – 0/5
Lakorn – 1/25

Yeah, I cut back on animes, the plan is to take it easy with animes this year. I might make some minor changes during the course of the year. 

2 Days 1 Night (ep 156)  kick started this year with an awesome episode!! The Aging game was the most hilarious. Junho was pit against Cha Taehyun, and Defconn against Jongmin. I thought I was going to pass out from laughing. The fight between Defconn and Jongmin was funny beyond words, the last few seconds of their brawl was considered invalid. It was just too chaotic to be judged hehehhe! Junho was later pit against Donggu, he tried all he could to avoid the punishment but ended up with the same number of years he started with hahahahaha!!!! Running Man is back for its last run. The production crew came up with a project whereby each member gets to pick the theme for each ep. They get to do whatever they want. Let’s see how that plays out. Ep 332 was all about picking the first runner, who then picks the second runner. A series of games – fortune telling, tarot card reading, medical check up were carried out. The winner in each category gets 50 eggs, he/she distributes the eggs among the other members, however he/she must keep at least one egg. I actually enjoyed it, it was fun! Apparently Wangko has bad luck this year again, and even Kwang soo was predicted to have the best luck but this episode proved otherwise hehehehe!!! The best part was the lowkey dissing of the production crew by Kim Jong Kook and Song Ji Hyo lol!! Happy Together ep 480 was pretty interesting. I had no idea Zico had an elder brother. Both Zico and his elder bro – Tae Woon were on the show as part of Myung soo’s line and comedian brothers – Se Hyung and Se Chan were on Hyun Moo’s team. I don’t think Tae woon’s image can be saved after this episode lol!! He actually dug his grave most of the time and the Se brothers unintentionally nailed the coffin hehehe! There are new skits on Gag Concert – Fairy Tale Beats (I haven’t warmed up to it yet), Just the Two of Us (quite funny and pathetic lol), Comedian Jeong Myeonghun (I really have no idea, what the plan is here) and Here Comes the Groom (my favourite out of the new batches, poor husbands lol!!). 

I totally can’t think straight anymore thanks to Kiralik Ask. I had no idea that I would be sucked into another country’s series. I mean there’s American TV shows, K-, J-, Ch-, TW-, and Thai dramas. Now Turkish dramas have been added to the list. And this is on another level. The acting in KA is just perfect, cheesy yes sometimes. But the way Ömer looks, smiles, and speaks to Defne and then Defne reactions to all of it, is just freaking PERFECT!!! Then you have Neriman, Koray, Sinan, Derya, Seda, Iso, Nihan, and the rest of the family members and co-workers. I’m yet to detect anything out of place. It feels so real and so good, hence my soul has long left me lol! But back to reality, Eng subs for Turkish dramas are so HARD to find. It’s mission impossible! Eng subs for Lakorns are easy  to find in comparison to Turkish dramas. Let’s see how this new-found love plays out. BTW, I read KA is the remake of K-drama – Can Love Become Money. When I saw that, my eyes popped out of their sockets. Now I’m thinking of rewatching CLBM, I have a feeling I must have missed a whole lot of stuffs when I initially watched CLBM. Because what I’m seeing in KA vs. what I saw in CLBM are two different things lol! Enough of the Turkish drama talk, back to comfort zone. Pit Sawat starring Noon Woranuch and Pong Nawat is AWESOME!!! I know I claim most of the shows I watch are awesome or really good, yes they are. If they aren’t good, me has got no reason to watch. Noon’s portrayal of Ubol and Sarochinee is simply breathtaking. Even as a viewer, you are attracted to her by the enigmatic and irresistible aura she exudes. I’m really happy she’s back to Lakornville. I’m back to watching When A Snail Falls in Love, it was on hold for while. Xuxu was pretty daring and smart in ep 18. Yes, she isn’t physically fit but she compensates for that with her intelligence. Even Ji Bai can’t help but listen to her ^_^ I still have some eps left until I finish Jao Sao Chapor Kit. I’m really done with his mum. I know I shouldn’t be happy about her misfortune, but if rolling down the stairs will get her to understand the danger she’s about to put her family in, then so be it. She’s just really ridiculous!! Dramas I’m looking forward to starting this year – 7 First Kisses, Goblin, Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo, Candle in the Tomb, My Little Princess, Stay With Me, Doctor-X4, Game Payabath, Mystery Lost, and General & I. But before the above, I need to finish some other dramas on my plates, especially the ones I’m reviewing. Considering my level of self-control for starting new shows I might start some sooner than I think hehehe!! Oh thank God Lovey Dovey series came to an end last week. It was such a relief!!! I rated it 5 out of 10, the whole 20 eps could have been shortened to 16. Some other people might have enjoyed it, but apparently it’s not my cup of tea. I see previews of My Lil Boy 2 on GMMtv, I think that’s the next show that will be uploaded after LD series. Anyway, my only focus for now is Uprince series.

Song For The Week

Jun. K released a new single recently – Your Wedding. It’s sad, but really beautiful. ENJOY!!!

Eye Candy For The Week

Guess who’s gracing the week’s post……

Elçin Sangu!!! She's so pretty and her acting in KA was simply perfect. Gosh and the hair!!
Elçin Sangu!!! She’s so pretty and her acting in KA was simply perfect. Gosh and the hair!!


Cast of Kiralik Ask - I love this picture!!! L-R; Sinan, Koray, Neriman, Seda, Ömer, and Defne. I went with the name of the characters, I'm still new to this lol!
Cast of Kiralik Ask – I love this picture!!! L-R; Sinan, Koray, Neriman, Seda, Ömer, and Defne. I went with the name of the characters, I’m still new to this lol!

Have an awesome week!!!

P.S – 

You can do it!!!
You can do it!!!


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