K-Releases: December 2016 Albums!

Albums for the month of December, ENJOY!!!

1. Seventeen (세븐틴)

Mini Album – Going Seventeen


2. Thunder (천둥)

Mini Album – Thunder


3. Pentagon (펜타곤)

Mini Album – Five Senses


4. Kim Feel (김필)

Mini Album – From Feel


5. Double S 301 (더블에스301)

Mini Album – Eternal 1


6. Jessica (제시카)

Mini Album – Wonderland



24/7 (Japanese)


8. Big Bang



9. SHINee

EP – Winter Wonderland (X’mas Special Edition)


10. Apink

Special Album – Dear


11. Superbee

The Life is 82: Maseratape


12. Changmo (창모)

Mini Album – 돈 벌 시간 3


13. Hoody (후디)

Mini Album – On And On


14. EXO

Mini Album – For Life (겨울 스페셜 앨범, 2016 – Winter Special Album, 2016)


15. Apink

Pink Doll (Japanese)


16. G2 (지투)

Mini Album – G2’s Life, Pt. 1


17. 2pm’s Jun. K

No Shadow (Japanese Album) – full album


18. Paul Kim (폴킴)

Mini Album – ‘Her’ (Title track – Her)


19. BP Rania

Mini Album – Start A Fire


20. Uhm Jung Hwa (엄정화)

Mini Album – The Cloud Dream of the Nine


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